Oscar Mayer has been household names for many years. This a trusted brand. As children, we heard the jingle and ate great hot dogs and cold cut sandwiches. They brand offers a variety of different meats such as glueton free products which is important in our society today. I did research and found that people consume of Oscar Myer products generally have higher incomes. The highest consumers were African American, and lower middle age. I was kind of surprised at the results.

In the world of technology, Dell is a household name. Dell’s product line includes everything from Laptops, tablets, televisions and sound systems. Dell offers such a wide variety which appeals to the college student, household family and active business executives. You can purchase a Dell computer in just about any store that offers technology. Affordable, quality and familiarity are some this brand’s personality.There are other computers that offer similar features but reliability has been the key to Dell’s success.

Sketchers is a growing brand globally. It is a relaxed fitted shoe. Initially the first launch was geared towards children. Now they have the sports line for golfers, they offer jogging shoes for the middle age group and now the brand has launched shoes with memory form for the 55+ group for comfort. Sketchers is a familiar brand associated with they are affordable, quality, reliability and comfort. Sketcher are in a league of it own.

As we’ve learned this week, brands signal customers by giving them information about predictability in their purchases. Brands each have their own associations and personalities. In your post, identify some of the associations and personalities that are linked with the following brands: Oscar Mayer, Dell, and Sketchers.

What are they?

How do they differ?

Are there any similarities?

Oscar Mayers is a well known household brand. Children all over the world sing the jingle to this day. They offer a different variety of products such as lunch meats, hot dogs, etc. The average customer is very diverse middle class family.

Dell id a leading product in the world of technology offering high tech computer products and cell phones, etc at affordable pricing. The pricing makes the product available to a large customer base from corporate offices to high school and college students and even family home computers. You can purchase this product in almost any tech store or household store from Walmart to Best Buy allowing the customer to be reached very easy.

Sketchers is a new growing brand that is spreading worldwide. Personally it is the most comfortable shoe ever. The memory foam line caters to all ages from young school girls to sr citizens. The comfort and price is uncomparable to any brand. They also have active wear line for women and young girls. This is one of my favorite products of the 3.

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