Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Racism and World Problems and How To Solve Them

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Racism and World Problems and How To Solve Them

Martin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968), a Baptist minister by training, always worked to fight for the rights of African Americans who faced a lot of discrimination from the white people in the united states. Despite the end of slavery many years back, the African Americans were still forced to use separate public services and utilities from those reserved for the white people. They were also unable to exercise their rights to vote. Many civil rights activists had fought to rid these customs. Even though they made significant steps, racism still existed. It was at this time that King decided to step in to fight for black Americans civil rights.

King sought to raise public awareness on racismand to bring an end to it. His goal was racial equality. He used small effective objectives such as grassroots campaigns to fight for equal rights for the blacks. In 1955, Rosa Parks, an African American, was arrested for refused to vacate her seat for a white man in a bus. King chose her as the face of his campaigns. She was helpful in bringing out the image that King needed to show the people his moves in the local campaigns. He further mobilized the community members to boycott the buses, a move which in many ways led to the national struggle to rid discrimination.

Together with black church leaders, they organized non-violent protests to reform human rights. With King being the leader, the groups had the aim of ending segregation in schools, buses and diner places. This drew nation-wide attention and helped him organize a group (‘Big Six’) that demanded political and economic justice for all. This gave them the best chance to lay down their grievances. At this point, he saw a milestone in the legislation of civil rights as well as got a chance to advocate for other needs such as alleviating poverty.

He had good educational background, both religious and secular. He kept his public image and become acceptable to the majority of the white Americans as opposed to being seen as a racial extremist. He was extremely effective in bringing the black leaders together who also fought against racism. He was dedicated to his goals and despite facing violence from the police and being arrested thirty times, he did not give up. He was a charismatic leader who gave hope to the oppressed. He was known for his speech ‘I have a dream’, that showed how determined he was to change the lives of the black Americans, to bring about equal treatment to all.

Fighting world problems requires being assertive, working well with others, dedication and having a clear goal. It requires public acceptance from those you are fighting against. Having leadership qualities gives one confidence and the respect as people will always listen to what you advocate for. King used his tremendous charisma, his excellent speech skills, mass mobilization and great leadership qualities to emphasize the importance of equality.

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