Measure and Control

Measure and Control

Measuring and controlling project deliverables is essential to validating work performed within a project. Evaluate how project status reports are useful for measuring and controlling resource efforts, project schedules, project costs, and project features of a software project deliverable.

The project status reports are useful because

1. Tracking

Our first project reporting gem is tracking. Pretty easy, reporting allows you, your team, and anyone else who wants to, track a project.

2. Identifies risks

Are you familiar with risk management? If not, let me impart some risk management knowledge. Identifying risks is a key step, and reporting will give you a heads up on any that might be rearing their ugly head in your project.

3. Cost management

Cost management is a pain. But with project reporting it makes the process much easier to stomach. You’ll be able to view your expenditure clearly and manage your budget with full visibility.

4. Visibility

One aspect of project management we are often asked about is visibility. Reporting increases the amount of visibility into your projects and will give you full insight into how your project is performing, be it good or bad.

5. Control

Reporting puts you in control of your project. it allows you to see the progress, stagnation or regress of certain elements and will aid any decisions you make. Simple!

6. Learning

If you’ve sifted through the rest of our content, you may have stumbled upon the quote “that which we learn to do, we learn by doing” and of course we believe this. But, information provided by project reporting on the stuff we’ve already done can help guide our future actions. For example, you might learn from a mistake captured in a project report.

7. Drives project success

If there’s an element of your project that requires reporting, people report on it. If there’s an element that doesn’t, people obviously don’t. The knock-on effect? That neglected part of your project falls by the wayside and you and your team are not working as efficiently as you could be.

Identify additional attributes of a software project that may be important to measure and control. Describe why they are important and how these attributes might be used to measure and control.

Some of the important attributes are

People. The right team is assembled. There is an appropriate mix of senior, mid-level and junior people. The skill sets are also mixed and complimentary. Everyone understand their role and how it fits into the project. Most importantly, there is a core group of exceptional people who are capable of leading the project both administratively and technically.

Goals. The project has clear goals that everyone understands and accepts. This includes the critical dates that the team has to hit. The scope of the project is narrow enough for everyone to comprehend and embrace yet wide enough to deliver value to the business. The constraints placed on the project are reasonable and realistic.

Communication. Frequent and open communication is encouraged. Everyone is willing to share information and thus everyone knows what’s going on. Whenever the team reaches a milestone or achieves a major successful outcome, everyone celebrates.

Focus. The team is focused on getting the project done. They are not distracted by cultural, hierarchical and bureaucratic barriers. They use informal contacts and relationships to make things happen.

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