Media Strategy and Advertising

Media Strategy and Advertising






Media Strategy and Advertising

Marketing communication is the art of presenting what one has to the best of the understanding of their prospective customer. It is mainly the channel through which what the company has to offer is clearly shown to the public. Advertisement is a major component of Marketing and is by far the most effective tool for effective communication. There are several ways in which advertisements can be made so as to reach the prospective customers effectively. The different categories of media include print media and electronic media. Print media include newspapers, flyers, journals, billboards among several others. Electronic media includes the use of television, videos, radios and even the internet.

As previously discussed in the new plan; Within the budget allocated for meeting the expenditures created by then new marketing plan, a large portion will have to be taken by the communications department. This is to facilitate the advertisement of the changes incorporated by the new management. Of note is that approximately 60% had been allocated to the purchase of computers and internet subscriptions to enable both online deliveries and online advertisements. The money will also be used to purchase to bicycles that will be used for the door to door deliveries of online orders.

A further 20% was allocated to the printing and distribution of both flyers and banners within and around the nearby towns. Another 10% will go to the erection of two billboard within the two town in an effort to advertise the facility further and draw in more customers to the diner. The final 10% will go to the proceeds of developing a new logo and changing the previous one. It will also be in used in the refurbishing of the furniture and painting of the walls within the restaurant with details of the facility and the offers it has. This portion will also be used in the editing of the existing menu and updates together with the printing of the new menus and their distribution on all the tables present within the restaurant. It should be noted that these were previously in the plan however not expounded in details and therefore doesn’t change the initial marketing plan that was made.

All the aforementioned media channels will be used for the effective advertisement of the family diner. To begin with, newspaper sections will be bought to ensure that the diner has a place for their own advertisement. This will be placed strategically among the food and restaurant section so as to attract more customers when they are reviewing that section of the newspaper. A logo of the diner will also be attached together with a summary of what is offered to give the readers some insight of what goes on at the restaurant. Its exact location will also be included with a small sketch of directions to direct any interested parties.

The next media channel that will be used is the billboards. A photo of the favorite homemade pie alongside the renowned cup of coffee will be attached under a section depicted breakfast. Then, under the lunch and dinner section, one of the daily special which often attracts the most number of customers will be placed. The photos will have to be breathtaking and appear delicious. Under all these, a group of the employees will appear in neat uniforms perhaps carrying one daily special. The billboards will then be placed strategically in most major town and the busiest parts of the central business district. Flyers of a similar design as the billboard will also be made. These will then have strategic distributers within town to ensure a maximum number of individuals have access to them.

The next print media that will be used is the use of magazines. Sections will be sort on magazines depicting issues of restaurants and food. Those addressing matters of fashion and beauty will also be used. In such, the final pages will be sought as a break to the previous monotony. In this case, the same design that was used in the billboard, flyers and newspaper will be used. A short summary of what they offer will also be attached. The most high profile and the magazines that sell most will be selected as the prime magazines for effective advertisement in this part.

Among the electronic media, several strategies will be implemented. To begin with, a video will be created within the premises of the restaurant. This video will then showcase most of the services provide at the diner. It will also entail the restaurant’s logo. A few customers will be requested to take part in the formation of the video. The video will then show them as they enjoy the meal they have been served at the diner. Following this, the video will the circulated in all the channels that pass across electronic media. These include mainly the television and all the broad aspects of the internet. The video will be distributed over all social media including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter among several other channels to reach all aspects of the different age groups.

An online website will then be created for the restaurant. The print media and videos already made will then be uploaded onto this website. This section will also be used to fact track the online services. It will allow clients to make orders of whatever they desire which will then be transported to them by the bicycles that are yet to be purchased. It will also further our advertisement efforts and ensure that the message gets to a very large number of potential clients. This website will also serve as a measure of satisfaction from the customers since a section of feedback will be incorporated. Here, the clients will grade the services they attained whether they were up to the customer’s level of satisfaction or if they were unsatisfactory. Their comments on how these can be improved will also be taken and recorded. Using this comments, the restaurant will be able to tailor its services depending on the needs noted to be of serious concern from the responses obtained.

The daily special for each day will be uploaded on the website as well. This will draw more customers as they will be able to know what the special for the day is even when they are miles away. This makes them to look forward to whatever the day provides and as such will make them stick for much longer with our restaurant. The images provided below will be incorporated into all the advertisement plans listed above.

Restaurant Logo and part of the Advertisement photo:


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