My Doctoral Program Expectations

My Doctoral Program Expectations

My decision to pursue Walden University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program was made after thoroughly evaluating DBA programs at other institutions of higher learning. I chose Walden’s University’s DBA program because it was the best option in regards to helping me develop the skills needed to grow as a professional and also become a social agent for change within my community.

The first skill I want to develop is mastering the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style. Mastering the APA writing style is a necessary skill for successfully complete the DBA program. This skill will provide me with the tools to develop my scholarly voice, as well as the foundation necessary for writing scholarly journal articles suitable for peer-review and publication. Publishing scholarly journal articles will enable me to be recognized as an expert in my field. As a recognized expert in my field, I will be viewed as a credible and reliable source of knowledge and my opinions will be highly respected by my colleagues.

Another skill that I would like to develop is learning how to establish an effective collaborative network. Prior to beginning my DBA program, I had a very limited network of individuals whom I would seek advice from. However, after completing my Personal Development Plan, Personal Learning Network, and initial DBA Residency, I have a better appreciation for collaborative networks and the impact that these entities could have on my personal and professional growth and development. The impact, thus far, has been the establishment of a network of individuals who share knowledge, provide encouragement, and challenge one another to complete our respective DBA programs.

My goal is to complete this DBA program within the next two year. In order to accomplish this goal, I must develop the aforementioned skills and effectively utilize all of the resources that are available, especially my collaborative network.

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