Nature versus Nurture

PSY 202 week 1 Discussion Nature versus Nurture

Nature is a combination of our biological capabilities, genetics, and our genes we inherit from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and previous ancestors.

Nature influenced me by having a loving mother and father who raised both my brother and I. My parents always ensured a roof over our heads and food on the table. My parents would do everything in their power to make sure my brother and I were always happy. I’m grateful that I come from a family of harder workers that help guide me to be successful in life.

Nurture is the guidance, encouragement, punishments, environmental influence and loving care our parents instill in our everyday lifestyle growing up to make me a good person.

Being raised as a military child was tough. I was always going to different duty stations every three to four years. I would have to go to different school, learn different customs and cultures. The majority of my childhood, my father was deployed, and my mother raised my brother and I. Even though my parents were always working hard, they taught my brother and me, how to be responsible by having chores, doing homework by a certain time and learning how to manage finances at an early age.

I believe nurture has bigger influenced than nature. I had a positive experience being a military child because, I was able to see and experience different countries and cultures. Furthermore, being a military child helped me make a career decision, to focus on education and in order to achieve a bachelors in Homeland Security. My education will help me get a job that I can be proud of and know that I’m helping my country stay safe. My childhood was a vital importance of who I am today.

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