Network and Hardware Portion at Bling Shop

Network and Hardware Portion at Bling Shop





Network and Hardware Portion at Bling Shop

For a company to thrive there must be networking system for communication and storage of the information. It does not matter how long it will take for the installation of the network system but it is important for every company to have them. At bling shop there is huge network access which is well designed for connecting the services offered to the customers and the management system. In addition, the managers at bling shop are planning on how to upgrade the network system in the organization to reach various places and people. There is well organized hardware I designed for specific tasks in the organization. Determining network offers information for general knowledge needed at bling shop. There is a set ipv6 support system which is designed for planning and accessing different points to get information (Hunt et al. 2007).

Hardware system is designed at bling shop according to the number of hosts and members using the information. At bling shop we use token rings in order to provide the media with the information. The hardware is made to serve large number of people and has variety of topology. There are personal digital assistants which are used in the organization for communication and sharing of information. Laptops are also mainly used to connect different managers of the organization. Compatibility is the most important thing which bling shop seeks to accomplish. Data lose is prone to hardware failure which most of the time is caused by human errors. Every organization should be keen on the hardware handling to avoid extreme damages which may in turn lead to data loss (Park, 2004).

Hardware failure is challenge which should be expected in any company and therefore there is need for disaster recovery methods. There are other methods adopted at bling shop in management of information in case of hardware failure. There is restriction on the hardware use whereby only the managers are allowed to use the hardware. There is also a backup of the information in case of data loss. Employees and other staffs have access of information by use of their own gadgets whereby they can share the information to other members. The organization manager at bling shop has also locked down the main hardware to avoid or limit the access of many individuals to the data. This has really helped to keep data in safer conditions at bling shop (Hunt et al. 2007).

Bling shop has had the top security control system in order to keep this section up to date. The managers and workers at bling shop have high skills and well understanding on how to keep the hardware and network system in position without utterances. They also use firewall to protect other networks from interfering with their network system. This system is capable for providing protection of the hardware and other network systems within the organization from outside attacks. There are also designed policies which must be followed in the organization to make the organization run smoothly in achieving the goals and set objectives. Network policy is set to provide instructions on how the network is used and the limits (Park, 2004).

In conclusion, every organization should have specific security in order to keep information safe. This can also limit data losses and mismanagement of the network systems. There should managers who are supposed to take care of the network and hardware in an organization. They should ensure that every set policy is followed to maximum to produce quality results in the organization (Nolte, 2006).


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