Nike sweatshops

Nike sweatshops





Nike sweatshops

It true according to the workers statement that the only thing they have is their work simply because of the mistreatment and overworking they faced. The workers valued much the work they did because it was the only source of income which could keep their daily needs. They could work tirelessly without even seeing their children to get their living. We should not inflict western values to this society because of the suffering we are witnessing from the workers. In addition, we should take social responsibility of the feelings and needs of other people and avoid mistreating them. Every individual should have personal integrity and care towards each other but not being driven by western values. The workers should also embrace the right actions by following the culture of the company (Bell, 2006).

Nike is one of the famous people and well known for the distribution of sportswear for all the people. He could sell sportswear for all the ages. The company faced health and safety issues whereby many individual faced discrimination through low wages. Due to the mistreatment of the workers Nike also faced undesirable behavior which lowered the level of the company. it also gave the company bad picture. There was also an issue of child labor and low wages received by the workers. Despite of these issues Nike faced, there are much more whereby Nike’s assessment was not fairly done. Workers should be taken care of and their needs should be listened because they contribute to the success or failure of any company (Bell, 2006).

Nike should take ethical responsibility because it is important for management to make the right decisions which should not harm the workers. Nike’s company should also respect the ethical perspective leading other people by an example. In order to change the standards within the company Nike changed the ethical structures. This was to change the social responsibility efforts from the workers. In addition, Nike has done compensation in that the employees should receive maximum rewards in accordance to the work they have done. The employees input should be respected and rewarded according to the efforts they have made (Tong, & Su, 2014).

The company should also be responsible in training on safety measures of the employees. The management of Nike should look on the environmental practices that might cause harm to the employees and ensure that action is taken. In order to get back the wasted image of company, Nike has used the PR system of campaign. The management of Nike should understand the importance of ethical responsibility so that they can cater and reach the needs of the society. The society is very important stakeholder as it determines the success of an organization. From the Nike’s video, I am not convinced to buy the sportswear from his company. They are the best shoes but once they break they can change and too the code of ethics will not change unless the whole management in the company is changed (Bell, 2006).

In conclusion, adhering to a good code of ethics is very important in an organization. The needs of the society should be put into consideration as the products are made for the society. Respect of the workers and good relationship should be maintained between the leaders and the workers. Input from the workers should also be respected and paid back proportionally (Tong, & Su, 2014). It would not also change my perspective to buy Nike products until I see the change on what he talks about.


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