Normally Distributed Populations

Normally Distributed Populations Discussion

The data that I selected is that of a classroom student’s performance. Normally the classroom performance is always around the mean and most students’ performance is closely similar to those of their colleagues in the same class. They all revolve around the mean. However, as this is the case, some students perform extremely well while others perform poorly but they are few when compared to the rest.

The data is normally distributed. The outliers for this case those performing exceptionally good and those performing poorly are really few in comparison to those who are around the mean. The data is uniformly distributed because most students at a particular grade have the same mental development level and all go through roughly the same experiences in and out of the classroom. The outliers who are performing exceptionally well are either of great learning and abilities or just spend a lot more time to grasp after class. These kinds of people are really few thus falling in the category or outliers.

As much as data is always clustered around the mean in a classroom set-up, there are situations that the performance isn’t this way. The main reason is when a teacher doesn’t deliver a concept that need a buildup of a previous concept without refreshing the concept from earlier on in previous years of foundational chapters. This will make the performance to be spread out and not necessarily around the mean (Silverman, 2018), since the exams test various topics and concepts.


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