NTC 247 Acme Graphic Design Wireless Network Plan

Brandi King


Philip Teeling

October 3, 2016

Acme Graphic Design Wireless Network Plan

Acme Graphic Design would benefit more from Blueprint 2. I see them as a larger company, with certain individuals (the offices on the outskirts) pumping out fresh new ideas. The remainder of the employees (the cubicle farm that is “centered” in the northwest area) takes the fresh ideas and puts them to paper, plastic, etc.

WiFi is necessary for this company because artists are going to be moving. Drawing on paper. Sharing ideas and thoughts over communication tools like Facebook Live, Skype, and Periscope. If for no other reason, the company needs WiFi for this.

There is a one group of cubicles as I mentioned earlier and utilizing one or two ceiling mounted wireless transmitters above the “farm” will help. There is also one think wall running around the record keeping area. For this reason, I believe that the record keeping area should be run of a hard line, as opposed to wireless. The conference room, meeting room, lounge, and break room would all be run off a ceiling mounted wireless data transmitter.

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