Once a Delinquent Always a Delinquent effef

Once a Delinquent, Always a Delinquent”

Using what you’ve learned this week, respond to the following prompts in your post:

The labeling theory emphasizes the significance of society’s response to the criminal, and points to the process through which a person is defined as a criminal as a significant contributory factor in determining future criminality. Using the Internet, examine the career and life of an entertainer that is frequently in the spotlight due to deviant or criminal behavior. (For example, Miles Teller, Robert Downey, Jr., Travis Scott, Chris Soules, Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, R. Kelly.) Next, discuss labeling theory and social process theory as it applies to your chosen entertainer. Provide examples that support your response.

Labeling theory is an essential aspect of getting to understand the criminal behavior and the deviant. Through the labeling theory, the no deviants and the deviants can interact and to come up with a context of interpreting the criminal act. To be able to understand the deviance and it nature we should first as a society guess why some of the people in the community are labeled, and others are not. Schools, police force are the institutions which are known for enforcing moral behaviors, and such institution are the main labelers in the society. By these agencies applying the labels to people, they develop the process of categorizing deviance of the people in the community and help to reinforce the society’s structural power. For example, R. Kelly has frequently been accused of sexually deviant behavior. Through labeling theory, R. Kelly was first labeled as sexual deviant through the labeling theory and through social process theory the concerned institutions were able to prove the criminal act due to his maintained sexual deviant behavior.

Some criminologists believe that a person is born a criminal. If this was true what should our society do with the “born criminal”? Justify your response.

The society should focus on the born criminal by trying to instill good morals through educational institutions. Also, a parent may notice that his or her child is engaging in immoral behaviors which are not allowed by the law or the society. The parent may work with necessary institutions to help the child to change his or her bad behaviors to good ones.


Piquero, A. R. (2015). The Handbook of Criminological Theory. Wiley.com.

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