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Marketing Plan





Marketing Plan

The Orchid-Teas Limited company is a beverage company whose development action was formulated with the dire aim of incorporating current health statues and desires by providing our clients with the most proficient goods at relatively pocket friendly price tags for the quantity and quality goods we provide. As a company we indulge our most skilful ,smart ,well paced and ingenious team through appropriate delegation and division of labor in different branches of production and manufacturing of our products whose major aim is to uphold high levels of effective objective satisfaction driven by the slogan a(taste of relaxation).In the same sense and through was our company’s brand name chosen to propel and capture our consumer level of satisfaction .Chasm of opinions are an important aspect to note when trying to assemble all the necessary market strategy’s.

Our brand name is drawn from the idea of creating a feasible procrastinated image of freshness and extreme levels of diversity and versatility In the products that range from a wide range of plants with healthy and medicinally proven plants .Some of the examples include the ;Hibiscus tea which is believed according to health studies ,have the ability of replacing ones calorie levels for six months .In the prospect of standing a better edge of competition, the company employed the prestige price strategy. This decision was cogitated and mulled upon given the idea that our infinite range scope of commodities accrue different levels of market demand and supply .This therefore means that different commodity prices range in honor of their desired demands on consumer tastes and the level of health benefit they are to the clientele. In addition to our endeavors’ to ensure futuristic success we have deployed and incorporated the most proficient information systems to emphasize on the most bold distribution methodologies that will enable the boom of our products and capture the customers precise sequential bewilderments of opting to purchasing other substitution goods in place of firm products.

Intra competition

Orchid-Tea company firm majors its commodities under the umbrella of beverage production .As a firm this implies that we face stiff and hostile competition which require a high and aggressive level of company agility to overcome the pressure under which this fortuitous conditions face u .nonetheless we uphold a high level of integrity to observe on the ethical requirements’ presented in our business plan to enhance the chance of our opportunities’ in forming a loyal customer base. Nevertheless we as a company have formulated major schemes that will help coerce any major implications that may halt and lead t the abrupt liquidation of our services due to the inability to compete amidst all the bigwig competitor who may have dominated the market enterprise.

Nevertheless before as a company we manage to stand a better edge due to the fact that our marketing mix strategy has made us a peculiar sense of presentation. At Orchid we infuse take charge of the hypothetical idea that our Patent rights on production of our specific commodities is not jeopardized by the external competitors who had opted to specify their products in a given lane of product specifity.Another fact that draws us of the rest is the idea of having pocket friendly good of high quality due to the infusion of our wide blend of ingredients. While other companies charge exorbitant prices we as a company ensure that our customer are able to sustain the outrageous tastes and cravings and still observe high level of econometric factors by the offering subsidized prices on our commodities to increase on the level of return on investments and still be able to garner profits .Weakness however are part of the considerations that any viable business prospects have .Given that our company is new to the market sector it has become a major challenge to convince customers into solely buying our product given their millennial levels of loyalty to which most of them have grasped the usage of a particular commodity.

Differentiation strategy

Other than product mix, Orchid Company has been able to suffice and escape erosion through other different marketing strategies .We as a company have developed different paradigms ‘to control and dominate the market .Amidst them have been put into considerations and already initiated. Such include Orchid Tea Company stands where free taste samples are prepared for people to compliment and give positive criticisms on how best the good should be tailored and improved to meet their diligent levels of satisfaction and suede on why they shouldn’t opt for other brands different from our company’s brand. We have also ventured in the initiation of campaign to address the benefits of tea in respect of other beverage products .Our company has stood to ensure that we convince the public on how the beneficial health quality of our products are .

Furthermore in liaison with the analysis and screening of our product life cycle, our employees are ostensibly motivated to address the most obviate threat of having to identify other alternatives that may implicate and undermine the efficient propagation of our products .Through these impromptu schedules may be held to enable a managerial congress held to identify the best way to control the speculations and initiate intermittent innovations to help in the relegation of these aspects .The dire need of also having a different style of providing satisfaction has also implored on the rewarding of employees who come up with new ideas that the company can venture into the business with and still make hefty profit margins .This has been a subject of motivation and has lead to a huge resultant change in the company’s edge of competition .

Is the Company a Leader or a Follower?

Orchid enterprises is a firm that uses farm products as it main resourceful merchandise .To support this course of action it supports its own agricultural plots of land to which orchids are grown to supply the firms production. Product mix, diversification and versatility has been a major stunt to pull off .Thus as an independent entry company intends not to become a minor but a major role player in the encompassed attainment of an eligible extra convenient development by leading acting as the forefront player .

As a major team player we have decided to incline our productions volume a niche more wider to serve a wider geographical area .The company has therefore invested in machines that are run by automated systems to ensure that no hassled efforts are encountered in the event of absence of workers since such circumstances result to huge loss crisis’s. In the same order the company has sought total ownership to the production rights in the lane of tea mix production a decision which has enabled the company to obtain their desirable position of been able to counteract the thought of having to face other competitors who would have thought of establishing a similar business ideas .We are therefore confident to admonish that the company doesn’t consider itself a follower but as a major role player in the field of tea mix beverage

To provoke the reality behind these implications the company has often-cited return goals and how decorum’s were passed to implement them. And the level of scrutiny put in place to ensure proper level of commitment and how best configuration collaboration of exercises within the firm can bring about the harmonic execution of the duties performed in the company

Social Media

Social media has been one of the most applauded inventories to enable communication of individual within and outside the same geographical boundaries .In the same way ,the innovations of numerous technological development that have spearheaded the rate at which customers and producers to promptly communicate and convey each ones observations .Such communications have been actualized through web interfaces that enable one on one demonstration on how products can be used, some are able to avail appointments that are scheduled through prior bookings a factor that has far long been one of the major drawback .

Examples of such internet tools are;Fcebook,Instagram.Twitter amidst all the other online platforms that have been et aside to oversee the eventual success of the business prospect .Given the company’s market segmentation is basically biased in focusing their target group as the youth and children their might be specific platforms to consider.

Face book

Through this platform business man can delegate the promotion duty to maximize on the increased value of sales adverts can be made more robust .This is due to the fact that the platform connects to numerous number of frames in the pages .The adverts can be done through sales managers through using the brand logos and short crafted plays to heighten the level of humor in order to attract more clients who may be interested in buying their goods.


Instagram comes with a new set of abilities that even include taking live videos .This opportunity ca be a feasible plan to clearly depict and post how the process are done to persuade the customer into buying the commodity in bulk.

Integrated marketing communication tools

Refers to the combination of different marketing tools to achieve desired futuristic goals .This criterion includes the use of various marketing tools such as; advertising, online marketing ,sales promotions ,Direct marketing ,and good public relations to promote brands by fostering coordination of an organization and their clients. Nevertheless it is an important norm to survey the most viable means to ensure that their commodities are well supplied.

Being a new market enterprise for the company to have a clear channel of communication that is consistent and compelling to the company brand, the best method of integrated communication tools considered was the sales promotion. This was since this method would enable proficient one on one connection between the customers and the sales agents .This way the agents would be able to probe the customer on whether or not the goods they produce meet their demands and are resourceful to them to acquire information on the areas of weaknesses and strengths according to the customers views .Sales promotion can also be preferably the best since free goods are offered to increase the consumer morale on buying more of the commodity .Furthermore seasonal pricing can also be a suitable method of increased sales .an optional accord could be personal selling since it also dynamically involve fostering good public relations’ amidst the firms environment and its external client .The methods are also more cheaper compared to the charges of advertising in different communication modules that require hefty payments of charges for them to be run.


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