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Zakeem Woffard

Grantham University


This paper explores two published articles that report on results from research conducted on online (Internet) and offline (non-internet) correspondents on the ordering processing system and steps of amazon.com. This paper explains the process that Amazon will likely use to get the item from their warehouse to your front door, if you had just ordered something from their website. It will also discuss the most likely transaction-processing system (TPS) used to conduct their online business operations, and the steps taken to get that product from their warehouse to your front door.

Keywords: transaction processing system

Amazon.com is a successful ecommerce business that utilizes transaction processing systems to facilitate their ordering processes. What is the process that amazon.com use in order to facilitate your order from their website? If you have ever wondered about this process, continue reading this paper. At a minimum, this writing assignment will give a description of the process and the steps used to get your product from the warehouse to your front door.


Countless organizations use the services of transaction processing systems to update the data fundamental to their business actions of the organization. TPSs captures and processes the detailed data necessary to update records. A TPS furthermore offers valuable input to management information systems, decision support systems, and knowledge management systems. Transaction processing systems support routine operations associated with business processes, such as customer ordering & billing, shipping, employee payroll, purchasing, and accounting. Traditional transaction processing methods are batch processing and online transaction processing (OLTP).


In a real-time processing system, transactions are processed immediately as they occur without any delay to accumulate transactions. Real-time processing is also referred to as online transaction processing, or OLTP. OLTP is a form of data processing where each transaction is processed immediately without delay of accumulating transactions into a batch. In this case, the records in the system always reflect the present status. A good example of an online processing transaction system would be ordering from amazon.com. When you order an item and select the quantity, the sell is made right away, and no one can purchase that item unless it is still in stock. Any changes you make to your purchases are also updated in real time. Another example is the stock market. When you submit an order to buy a stock, that order is processed immediately and not at the end of the day.

Amazon Process Steps. Step 1: user is checked he/she register or not for login. If register login if not then user registration. Step 2: provide option for shopping or user can check account status. Step 3: for shopping user can search item. Step 4: user can add item to cart, display cart content, change item quantities. Step 5: after all things checked checkout is provided. Step 6: items are added to shopping cart. Step 7: payment requested from user. Step 8: If payment info is, correct item is booked in the warehouse, If not go to step 7. Step 9: shipping and handling is maintained.step10-if all steps goes well order gets conferm.step11-item shipped to user.


Figure 1.Amazon Processing Flow Chart

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