OSHA Case Summary

The four general areas that the organizations should focus upon to reduce unsafe behaviour are as follows:

To conduct a needs analysis an organization should examine its worksite for existing hazards as well as for potential conditions and operations that might create hazards. The organizations should perform a routine job hazard analysis as well as conduct periodic safety inspections of the workplace.

  1. Employee selection- selecting the right employees for the right jobs.
  2. Employee training: Training the employees properly with regard to safe and unsafe behaviour at the workplace.
  3. Incentive programs: the use of incentive programs to foster safe behaviors at the workplace.
  4. Safety rules and regulations: This requires establishing a safety culture and laying down rules and regulations that foster safe behaviour at the workplace.

In order to select and implement a plan for injury and illness prevention, organizations should focus upon its needs. First of all a hazard inspection and assessment is required. However, management and workers’ participation is important for the implementation of a injury and illness prevention program.

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