Overcoming Writer’s Block

Overcoming Writer’s Block




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Overcoming Writer’s Block

Many great writers must be faced with the challenge of different ideas flowing in their mind. The aim of this paper is to show ways in which we can overcome writer’s block. The following illustrated points explain how we can do away with writer’s block (Oliver, 2009).

Doing something else creative

According to Oliver (2009) we can avoid these swirling ideas by either stepping away from what we are writing and exercise something more creative. For instance, you can design pictures or write a poem which will be used during presentation.

Free writing

This is another important point which a great writer can do to avoid mixing of points when writing. This allows an individual to change the topic as many times as possible allowing the writer brain to tap the information well. For example, when we exercise on something and pay keen attention to it, it builds a room in our head.

Elimination of distractors

These are the things surrounding us which make our mind concentrate on them. We should avoid these distractions as a writer by turning of our phones and also clearing our working area. This will provide good environment for our success (Oliver, 2009).

Body movement

According to Silvia (2007) it is important to move our bodies like dance, clap or any other action because after the body movement, the mind also follows. You should meditate or have several deep breaths which enable your body to be relaxed and can accommodate information well.


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