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Discussion 7

Discussion7 Select a goods-producing organization and a service-providing organization of your choice. Suggest ways each organization can make aggregate planning decisions using the variables described in Exhibit 13.3 in the textbook. Compare and contrast the operational and managerial impacts of the aggregate planning decisions in terms of customer satisfaction. Aggregate planning decisions Adidas is a …

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Discussion 5

Discussion 5 Please respond to the following: Evaluate the business-level strategy of either Starbucks or Lockheed Martin to determine whether you believe the strategy is appropriate to offset forces in the industry. Provide specific examples to support your response. Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing …

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Discussion 4

Discussion 4 Please respond to the following: Assess your satisfaction with Aldi and make recommendations about how the company could modify its business-level strategy to both increase your overall level of satisfaction and to attract new customers. Provide specific examples to support your response. Analyze the five business-level strategies discussed in Chapter 4 to determine …

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Discussion 1

Discussion 1 Can any firm beat Amazon in the marketplace? If not, why not? If so, how can they best do so? How formidable a competitor is Google for Amazon? Please explain. What are Amazon’s major strengths? Does it have any weaknesses? Please explain. Is a potential concern for Amazon? Why or why not? …

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Course Modification

Course Modification Public static void AddCourse (string strCRSeName, string strCRSeDescr, int addCRSe, int modCRSe, int delCRSe) At first, this approach recognizes the required information to add as well as modify the course(s) prior to writing the information to the course file. Public static Boolean FindCourse (string strCRSeName) Course names from the course file are admitted …

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Assault Performance Task

Assault Performance Task Name Instructor Course Date Assault Performance Task Alan Skittles is a witness who could help determine whether the individuals would either be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. In this case, since Bubba Hurt died while Sam Clark was trying to defend himself. Self-defense only works when the individual was defending …

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Arrays Of Strings

Arrays Of Strings  Write a method named find. The method shall take two arguments. And  array of strings and a string t, for the target. Your method shall return true if the target t appears in the array, false otherwise. (note you will have to create a new array of strings  class Main { public …

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homework lab 10

Lab 10 Homework A sample of 50 residential substance abuse clients are enrolled in your mindfulness Program designed to address depression. Self-rating depression scales were measured before the clients entered the program and then again after program completion (with higher scores representing higher levels of depression).When you entered your data, pre-test scores was input as …

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gun control

Gun control Name Course name Course number Instructor’s name Date Gun Control Introduction In the run up to the 2016 presidential election, gun violence was a key issue in the campaigns. Every presidential candidate was made to declare his or her stance about gun ownership and gun control. The democrats were urging that guns be …

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