PED 212 week 3 journal -1 CHAMP


PED 212 Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities



CHAMP is considered as one of the acronym for the Classroom Management Example in an effective way.Then the overall goal of the CHAMPs form of the classroom management system is to develop one of the instructional structure in which the students will become responsible, motivated as well as highly engaged in certain task at hand.

C: Conversation

H: Help

A: Activity

M: Movement

P: Participation

Therefore the CHAMPs acronym with my own specific instructions for each expectation are given as

Conversation: No conversation will be allowed during the class discussion which will alsokeep cell phones off.

Help: If we did not understand someone’s own comment we can raise a sheet of paper in air to ask questions as clarification.

Activity: we must listen to the discussion and must not interrupt others who start to speak.

Movement: We can stand and stretch if we need to, but must not walk around the classroom effectively.

Participation: We can easily share our experiences as well as questions related to topic of the discussion efficiently.

Therefore once we have brainstormed the expectations for this instructional approach, the implementation of this CHAMP will be very much useful.

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