PED 212 Week 4 Journal


PED 212 Foundation of Movement &Motor Activities



Recall your own childhood and the physical education lessons and classroom environment in which you participated.
Reflect upon and list several factors (either at home or school) that influenced your motivation to participate in physical education. Include any positive or negative effects.  If these factors had not been present, how might your lifestyle and current levels of motivation be different?

When I was in high school I ran track for the track team I was influenced to run by staying fit because I Was Always informed I had a nice shape I knew that when I grew older I still wanted to uphold my beautiful shape, be able to work out, take vacations when I retire and still be able to wear a two piece bathing suit.

I was influenced to staying active because I knew that one day when I started my own family I would want to be active with theme and be able to participate in the thing they where into doing for enjoyment. and one more thing that influenced me was staying healthy to prevent healthy issues when I grew older, be a healthy remodel for my family and show them the right way to live happy and healthy, because I growing up my mother didn’t practice healthiness and was put on medication from being unhealthy and I didn’t want to repeat the cycle with my children I didn’t want to be put on medicine for the rest of my life so I knew I had to be that remodel for my children.

If these factor has not been present my lifestyle and current levels of motivation would be a very unhappy, unhealthy life and motivation would have been an issue for me.

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