personal and professional life

What are the values that guide both your personal and professional life?

Some of the enduring values that have been my guide in more than ten years that I have been in the health care field include: social justice, integrity, human dignity and altruism. Social justice is key in this field and it has helped me to know that all people despite of their background have a right to proper and equal treatment, access to better and quality health care services.

I believe in integrity because it has helped me in my work to be honest, respect and abide by the code of ethics. I also strongly hold onto altruism because I believe in doing well for all people and finally, human dignity is something I observe on a daily basis because I work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Why are you seeking a position working with people living with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPML?)

I have an experience of about ten years in the medical field working with multicultural families to adjust to their new circumstances and health care promotion activities. I am interested in working for and with people who have mental illness because it gives me great pleasure to see others making progress and overcome challenges. Like I had said before, social justice and altruism are some of my values and working with such vulnerable and marginalized groups will be a great source of joy. It won’t be the first time I will be involved with such a group due to my past work with African asylum seekers.

What skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for this position?

Some of the skills I have include social perceptiveness that is the ability to understand other people’s reactions. Another skill I have service orientation that has to do with looking for every possible opportunity to serve others.Persuation and negotiation skills that entails trying to change people’s minds and to reconcile differences so that people can be on the same page. These and many other skills that I have (instructing, active listening, and critical thinking) make me an ideal candidate for this position.

We are conducting interviews Friday march 4th & Monday March 7th, can you indicate a few different times you would be available for a one hour interview?

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