Persuasive thesis

Persuasive Thesis





Persuasive Thesis

Climate change has created much impact on human life today. Human beings has really taken part in the global climate change whereby it has led to social, environmental and national challenges posing adverse conditions for organisms to survive. In addition, we should come up with strategies by which man should cope with the changes of global climate change. This paper aims at showing how man has contributed to global change and how we can mitigate these changes for betterment of our future generations. We are the elements of change for our environment therefore we should take part to make our planet the best place to be. My thesis is cause argument because it tries to capture the minds of people to take care of our earth (Person et al. 2007).

The beauty of our environment is very important and should be protected by all means. We should look on the effects we are creating on our environment and the crisis which will come out from the effects. The consequences of climate change are adverse and can lead to loss of life. The question is that should we act now or we should wait for the future generation to change our environment. From the research that has been conducted has clearly shown that man is the greatest contributor to global climate change. This calls for immediate response and mitigation in order to save our environment and preserve its beauty (Zhang et al. 2008).

In conclusion, clearing of forests should be prohibited because it is the major contributor to climate change. Vegetation is life because we rely on it for everything and if taken care of there could be no crisis of water shortage and other challenges. We should also plant trees to deforested areas and take care of natural forest. The change starts with us and our efforts requires every individual’s support to change our environment.


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