PHI 208 Week 1 Assignment: Gender and Equality

Gender and Equality

PHI 208

Ethics and Moral Reasoning

All across the world many women have experienced some type of discrimination, due to the fact they were born female instead of male. Even though it has been some betterment, this kind of discrimination still is happening in today’s society. Before explaining what gender equality is you must know what it means. According to Wikipedia gender equality also known as sexual equality, “is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making; and the state of equality, regardless of gender”. Throughout my paper I will discuss the gender differences which apparently oppose problems when discrimination based on gender occurs and as we all know this can mean Sexual Harassment in the workplace, unequal pay for equal work, and hiring discrimination as well.

  • Is Gender unequal in the work place?
  • Introduction

This position I hold is that I am all about gender equality in the work place!

  • Supporting Statement

The hiring discrimination is swift, regardless many laws forbids it. According to Ruth Mayhew “a study in 2003 conducted by University of California-Hayward professor Dr. Richard Drogin who discovered women making up 72 percent of Wal-Mart’s total workforce, but only 33 percent of its managers. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest employers in the United States. This annoying unreasonable number of women prohibit from achieving a higher-lever position, which led to become the defendant in a national gender-bias lawsuit”.

  • Supporting Reason

Another supporting reason can be that the male and female roles in the United States were pretty much well defined, up until lately. Men were established to earn money for the household, while the women took care of the children, house, and finances. Normally, men held the positions of power and authority while women have less seniority if they were permitted to work. Although there have been laws put in place for discrimination in regards to gender, and other attributes, wage gap and the separation among men and women still exist. The gender wage gap affects all women because of the unfairness which is being shown in their work place. In my belief, I feel like women should be paid equal as men based on them holding the same job position. Some of these women are single mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters, and aunts who work hard to provide for their families and even when their financial standards are not up. These women are attending colleges, majoring in different fields, devoting their experience and family time, just to be treated like nothing because of their gender. S. Fleming wrote an article titled “Déjà vu? An Updated Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in the U.S. Hospitality Sector” shows the research of the wage gap based on gender in 2007, that on an annual basis female managers earned about 80 of what male managers earned, which was the same amount that was notated back in 2000 and over the past seven years nothing has changed (S. Fleming, 2015). Despite the integration of male and female roles in society, there is still conflict with some of the discriminations.

Looking on an opposing side a reason where gender equality can be argued is in the U.S. Marine Corp. They believe that success on the battlefield cannot be about rights of individuals or women and how gender equity may hurt the mission they are trying to accomplish when serving in a direct combat role. The primary mission of any nation’s military branch is to ensure national survival. Gender equality is deleterious to achieving that goal. (M. Waldrop, 2015)

  • Opposing Reason


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