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Relevance of Philosophy





Relevance of Philosophy

“Philosophy may be an interesting academic pursuit, but it has no relevance to my own life and so is of no value to me”. This is a criticism that i disagree with because philosophy has importance in human life and has helped in many ways. Philosophy can then be defined as the study of certain ideas about the meaning and nature of life, knowledge, truth, how to live and how to do things. Below is some of the importance of philosophy according to (Newton et al, 1955).

By the study of philosophy, people can easily clarify what they have put into believe and can also be stimulated to come up with ultimate questions. One can therefore study past philosophers to get to know how they thought and the value of their thoughts. However, there are people who like to read more about the great philosophers, more so those who had been great writers. This has therefore greatly helped people bring into clarity all that they have put into believe and this has then served as one of the major importance of philosophy (Hendy et al, 2007).

Philosophy has also had a huge influence in our daily life. Classifications from philosophy has been used to bring about the language that we now speak. For instance, verbs and nouns involves the ideas of philosophy that makes us realize that things and actions are different. This means that asking the difference starts an inquiry of philosophy. This then shows how philosophy has had an enormous influence in our daily lives making it all relevant (Hendy et al, 2007).

Every single institution in a community is linked to philosophic ideas. Whether educational, legal, business, governance, industry, religion, marriage or family. The differences of philosophy has therefore resulted to improvements in governance, change in economic situations which have occurred because the people who have been involved had different beliefs of fundamental issues in their respective fields.

In conclusion, philosophy can then be said to be relevant in our everyday life from education, leadership, business and many other fields and therefore should be studied in school. Philosophy has been the main driver that promotes democracy as many people’s ideas that are fundamental to human rights have been put into practice and also promoting progress in the community.


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