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About Life





About Life

Life is a teacher. We have to pass through happiness, challenges and also other sorts of changes in order to survive. These changes are made to make us strong and be able to withstand anything that comes our way. Life is a very serious education we need to open our mind to accommodate what it teaches us (Solomon & Higgins, 2014).

Life is all about learning new things and experiencing others. Life is like a teacher because it contains many lessons to anybody. After you are born you start experiencing all sorts of changes that occur on earth. Life teaches or educates an individual either good things or bad things. The education we get from life should shape us to become either good or bad people. We also learn how to live according to those things or experiences which has shaped us. For instance, I have learned and experienced many things from what life gives. There are those things that make me happy, joyful an also those things that make me unhappy or sad. Life has taught me many things whereby some situations have many be a strong person to face the reality (Solomon & Higgins, 2014).

Life as a teacher has encouraged me to work harder despite the challenges and failures have encountered to achieve my life goal. It has made me the person I am today because I can withstand any challenge that comes my way. Life has taught me to always be a go getter despite how heavy the challenge looks like. I have learned never to lose hope in whatever I do and always focus on achieving my goals. My friends and family members truly agree with my definition of life because they understand me better and know how I go about life. Even from the actions and how I behave towards life makes my friends and my friends trust me on the meaning I give on life. My friends and relative too are eager to know how I make it in life because they see how successful my life is (Woods, 2007).

Given a chance to change my statement about the meaning of life, I will still hold my stand that life will always remain to be my teacher. This is because life has told me a lot of things some of which were new to me and making others clear to my face. No one would one day come to say that from the time she or he was born has not learned anything about life. As human beings we keep learning new things from life through actions, feelings or through words. We should take life from all the perspective that we have and allow it to mold us to become the best people who can be a role model to others (Solomon & Higgins, 2014).

In conclusion, we have all different attitudes towards life but according to me I love my teacher. I learn both the things which are beneficial to me and those which are made to trigger me to lose my focus. This helps me become the best from the education life gives me. As most wonderful teachers will teach you on the particular subjects in schools, life is also a best teacher any day (Woods, 2007).


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