PL 301 week 2 discussion Happiness Box Project

Title: Happiness Box Project


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I would gladly accept the invitation of joining the Happiness Box project. The main reason for accepting the invitation is because “Happiness Box” is something new that offers an intense pleasant sensation. Also, few students have been given unique opportunity to take part in the project. Being among the chosen few, I will not ignore this opportunity.

Even though I have accepted the invitation, I’m not likely planning to stay in the box for more than 10 hours. The first reason is that people who stay longer than 10 hours in the box tend to spend the rest of their lifetime there. I accepted to get into the Happiness Box to experience the intense pleasant sensation and not to spend my lifetime there.

Secondly, bodies of individuals who spend their lifetime inside the box look like water balloons that are half-filled due to lack of exercise. Inactivity leads to health complications such as weak and flabby muscles, stiff joints, and failure of body organs to function efficiently. Exercise is very important because it improves stamina, strengthens the body, helps prevent diseases, enhances flexibility, enhances quality of life, and controls weight (The Importance of Exercise, 2016).

Activities that draw a person’s full attention to the extent that he/she is not able to comprehend what is happening in the real world are definitely dangerous. With Happiness Box, people are contended with their physical appearances yet they are at risk of developing health problems. Superficial concerns are a non-issue to them.

Lastly, family is very important in our lives since it is where our lives begin and is the basic unit of any society. With family, one is assured of unending love, and comfort during times of trouble. Therefore, there is no sensation no matter how pleasant it is that can replace our families. Family must come first. I will be arriving in the morning to participate.


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