Portfolio Project Proposal

Portfolio Project Proposal

Grantham University

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Smarthome Solution, Inc.

Smarthome solution is the home automation services and products providers which including installing from ground zero to installing into existing home and also provide service of all our products. Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Home automation for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

Smarthome plan:

As you can see in picture which illustrate, elements of smarthome system include; sensors (such as temperature, daylight, or motion detection); controllers (such as a centralized hub and consist of credit card sized computer); actuators, (such as motorized-valves, light switches and motors); buses (wired or wireless); and interfaces (human-machine and / or machine-to-machine). Our system will include the endless possibilities of adding more sensors as system grows. For the first phase of our plan which includes sensors with centralized hub to control the automations and second phase we will be releasing iOS as well as Android app to control from your palm as well as from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Smarthome Automation:

Technology to control home appliances and features (such as windows or lighting). Smarthome system can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. As the number of controllable devices in the home rises, interconnection and communication becomes a useful and desirable features. For example, refrigerator can send alert message when it needs service. If no one supposed to be home and the alarm system is set, the smarthome system could call the owner, or the neighbors, or an emergency numbers if an intruder is detected. Smarthome system can also provide a remote interface to home appliances or the automation system itself to provide control and monitoring on a smartphone or web browser.

Smarthome Automation System Cost:

Costs will mainly include equipment, components, and custom installation. As every installation will be custom installation and will greatly depends on the customer’s personal needs and comfort. Ongoing costs include electricity to run the control systems, to keep installer licensed with the local electrical codes, running a server so customer can create their accounts and will be able to control form all around the globe. At this moment we are planning for different ways where we can generate revenue and they are as follow:

Market Overview for Home Automation products:

  1. Installing in existing house
  2. Installing in new constructions
  3. Providing troubleshooting and repair services
  4. Sell bundles of different value for DIYer’s who like to do themselves

The market for home automation is big business, growing over 21.49% by 2020 as per Statista.com. Here are some of the statistics which was retrieved on September 22, 2016 from Statista.com

Revenue (in millions US dollars)

smart homes in millions

Average revenue per smarthome (in US Dollar)


We want to create a business to give to homes, plan and means to effectively control, monitor, and secure every home as new technology advances. Smarthome solutions will be dedicated in becoming the primary choice for residential, multi-tenant clients when asking mechanical, security, and energy solutions with goals of starting in KY and spreading to rest of the US within 5 to 8 years. Smarthome solutions will guarantee a friendly, and customer oriented service that will help the client in saving money, and feel comfortable and secure in the house, but also helping the client in coming up with a financial plan to ensure the client saves money while improving their homes.

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