Presentation on conflict styles




Definition Conflict refers to the disagreement or dispute between two or more parties. Which can occur at a workplace or within an organization.

Conflict styles at working place

Leadership conflictInterdependency-based conflictWork style differencesCultural-based dissensionPersonality clashes

Approach to conflict change

Although conflict do appear in most occasions especially at workplaces, it is always important to find solutions. I will be required to employ some of the identified styles to initiate conflict change depending on the nature of conflict. A better work environment may yield much and as such I will ensure attaining it. The course remains to be fundamental to my future profession

Group cohesion strategies

Team member selectionObjective identificationKeeping communication openPromoting trustEncouraging feedback

Decision-making style

There are various types of decision making such as psychological, cognitive, and normative. However, despite all the types being important I prefer the cognitive style of making decision.

Applying the cognitive approach

In future I will employ this style in solving problems within the future group work. This is because it involves iterative cycles and constant assessment of the reactions and impacts of the decision. Considering this style it is easy to make critical decisions when needed.

Approaching problem solving

Problem solving is a truly fascinating science, incorporating organizational behavior, psychology, sociology, neurology, strategy, management, philosophy, and logic.

Strategies for problem solving

It starts with identifying the problem Structuring the problemThen looking for possible solutionsMaking decisionsImplementing decisions while monitoring to obtain feedback


Goldenberg, O. & Wiley, J. (2011). Quality, Conformity, and Conflict: Questioning the Assumptions of Osborn’s Brainstorming Technique. The Journal Of Problem Solving, 3(2).

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