Preserving the Natural Environment

Preserving the Natural Environment.





Preserving the Natural Environment

This paper tries to show how preserving our natural environment is important to all living organism. Natural environment provides all services free of charge to humanity and depletion of this environment may put risks not only to humanity but also to the biosphere. No one can guess the future value of any kind of an animal, plant or any microorganism because their potential value is spread across the spectrum and unimagined human needs. Even the number of species is unknown whereby some are yet to be discovered. For instance, plants are now being used as drugs which are a domain that stands to gain enormously from world’s store biodiversity. If these plants are now cleared there will be no more medicine (Anzovin, 2006).

The exploration of natural biodiversity in search of useful resources is propelled by venture capital. Other resources are also discovered like food sources, fibers, petroleum and other substitutes essential for human survival. The extraction of wealth from the ecosystem is destructive. For example, dynamiting coral reefs and clear cutting of forests yields fast profit but it is very unsuitable due to the destruction of the environment. It is therefore important to conserve the natural beauty of the environment because it has got lots of impacts the world at large. To cope up with this, we should change the morality and take it as a norm to support the value depending on the purpose (Anzovin, 2006).

In conclusion, it is important to argue that preservation of the world’s natural beauty for our long term materials and wealth of the world. There is also need to preserve the living environment because it has qualities and self-defining species. This image should be kept by preserving the old species which will bring about new generations and in order to do this we have to improve the science and technology. The technology will help to maintain conservation ethic aimed at passing to future generation the best species for betterment of the world.

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