Presidential Campaigns and the Election Process

POL 110 Week#8 DQ

Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:

Describe key campaign strategies that a U.S. presidential candidate can use in order to ascend to presidency in today’s political environment. Then, compare at least two such successful strategies that were used in the past by U.S. presidential candidates.

Political campaign are now are positioning themselves to be faster and nimbler for adjusting with changing cultures and bringing in new media departments to their structure of organization to manage the new platform of messaging. Since the presidential campaign of 2000, the web has been the most popular medium for getting information about an election. Both Republican and Democratic parties now are integrating new media teams into the structure of political campaign, but their objectives and utilization are still in flux. However, design simply have moved past creating a pamphlet and logotype literature and now is required to design these interactions across the web Unit, mobile devices and print media (Wlezien& Erikson, 2002). Obama particularly was successful in fundraising through internet during the elections campaign of year 2008. He reduced public financing for the general election and primaries for taking full advantage of the network of donors he had built online. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, did not focus on the online mediums for fundraising and fell behind Obama’s number.


Wlezien, C., & Erikson, R. S. (2002). The timeline of presidential election campaigns. The Journal of Politics64(04), 969-993.

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