Preventing the Youth from Joining Gangs

Preventing the Youth from Joining Gangs



Preventing the Youth from Joining Gangs

Children become very active when they enter the age of teen and youth. Due to this, children have been reported to join gangs at this particular age when they are very active. In line with this, the rate at which the youths are joining goings is alarming. The issue might seem very easy to handle but it is a very complex situation since the age at which children join the gang is very difficult to handle. It is at this age that the children feel that they have grown and that they have the right to make the decision and not the parents to dictate what they do. Therefore the situation poses confused reactions to people in the society on whether it is possible to prevent the youth from joining gangs.

Indeed it is possible to prevent the youth from joining gangs. A study has shown that most of the children who join gang are from poor backgrounds or the children have parents who spend little or no time with them. As much as providing for our children is important, it is equally important to spend time with our children and show parental love. Some of the children who join gangs are said to have done so in search of company or belonging . If only parents did their part by spending time with the children and giving the advices, preventing gang membership for our youths would be very easy. Also, early pregnancies have contributed highly to this complex issue. Research has shown that early pregnancies lead to poverty, whereby the young parents are not in a position to provide for their children. The children therefore join the gang as a way of earning a living. If early pregnancies are minimized, it will be possible to deal with gang membership of the youths.

In conclusion, there is an array of effective methods that will provide a significant and lasting solution to gang membership and especially those who are at a risk. One of them is encouraging children to participate in positive activities such as drama, sports, music environmental and peace club. Such activities will keep the youths’ mind very occupied and they will not have time to join the gangs. Parents and teachers should work together towards achieving the aforementioned remedy. The parties should also motivate and congratulate the youths for any achievements made in the activities so that they feel proud and experience a belonging in the activities. Also, fostering communication between the parent and the child is very essential. Communication helps the parent to get to know on issues bothering the child that may cause the child join a gang. Communication also provides an opportunity for the parent to educate the child on the dangers of gang involvement. Therefore, observing these remedies will help eradicate gang membership and help the youth to become better people in the society.


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