Procedure of Writing

Procedure of Writing


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Procedure of writing

Over the decade, writing is noble process that incorporates the process of the invention, coming up with the thesis statement, the development of an outline, revision the content, and editing the final paper. Many people perceive writing to be a simple task not until they find themselves stagnating. All the elements and steps for writing have to be followed to the latter for you to be able to come up with a perfect and coherent piece of paper. This will make the reader of the information to be interested more to read your piece of paper to the end. There are steps that one has to follow, for instance, prewriting.

Prewriting is one of the essential processes one has to do before starting writing anything. This is because you will have first to understand requirements of the question critically analyzing it and try to get meaning out of it. Afterwards, start doing research to secure for the information you are in need off. This will act as starting point for your paper.

Secondly, you need to come up with the thesis statement. Thesis statement is the statement, which incorporates all the ideas that are going to be discussed in the essay writing. The statement will serve as at reference point as one is moving own with the writing process. The reason why one has to refer to the thesis statement is to avoid discussing things that are out of the topic.

The next step is the development of an outline. This is the physical appearance of how the whole essay should be like. The outline is the real representation of the essay. Ideas have to be coherent and consistent in their flow. Moreover, the essay just needs fixing of a few issues and presented to the instructor or the reader. The outline will be peculiars given the fact that all the other steps have to be followed to the latter.

In addition, there is need for the revision of the outline. Once you have come up with the outline, you need to have looked at the outline confirming your conformity with the specific requirements given towards the question. The necessary revision is conducted to remove any unnecessary information and add the necessary to the text. Also, the author has to keep referring the thesis statement to confirm that he is moving well with right content for the paper.

The editing is the last step one has to perform. This will help him correct grammar errors and spelling mistakes. These errors can make the whole essay loose meaning and thus making the reader to be tired on the way without reading the essay up to the end. For you to make your work to be outstanding, it is necessary for you to proofread your work more often.

However, following all these steps can be tedious and tiresome, whatever the method used, the work need to be precise and to the point. The key aspects of any work is the production of answers to the question asked.


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