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Product Recall

A focus group is popular in organizations because they use it when they want to promote their products. A focus group is comprised of a number of volunteers, approximately between six to twelve, that the organization is interested in working with. These volunteers are usually put together for them to carry out the organization’s analysis on a product or service. The moderator is responsible to make sure that the questions the company has on its product have been answered by the volunteer focus group.(Lauder, 2016)

Surveys are fixed sets of questions used to collect quantifiable information (e.g. the proportion of people happy with a particular product) in the form of multiple choice, true or false and rankings or ratings. Its effectiveness is seen when carried out face to face but can be supplemented through the post, online or over the phone. Existing customers with an affinity for your product are more likely to respond to postal surveys. The surveys questions should be kept short, clear and easy to understand as this will get the more important information and reduce the chances of participants losing interest.

Listening and responding to the Voice of the Customer through customer satisfaction survey programs has helped businesses gain a larger market share and sustain a high customer loyalty. Through customer web surveys, customers’ rational and emotional feelings towards products and services and a company as a whole is captured giving room for a company to prioritize decision making and make good investment choices.

On the other hand higher customer loyalty means higher profitability as a company will need to spend more on advertisements and product promotion to acquire a new customer than to maintain a current one. The action plans of a company are measured and updated regularly through continued customer survey and additional services and solutions provided in areas where customer feedback lacked adequate information. In a competitive market, word of mouth to the customers matters from a company that wants to win therefore engaging customers emotionally by spending with them and encouraging them to advocate your company to others would be a milestone.

As the manager, I should always be prepared before any recall, thus having a response team is very essential. Apart from that, I would set focus groups to have volunteer participants who have had the experience of using the supplement. I will also set a moderator in every focus group who will be able to ask questions that are meant to give an insight to the company on what happened or transpired that led to the product recall.The moderator would also have to issue out written questions to the focus groups so that they make survey easier. Hence as shared by (Lauder, 2016), focus groups and survey are essential in data analysis.

According to (Stark, 2015), the moderator’s responsibility will be to find out the seriousness of the side effects on the patients who used the supplements. This initiative will assist the company in determining the response mechanism they will use.A survey on the customer’s response will be used to provide the organization with the full results on the supplements.However, if the results are inconclusive or incorrect then a never ending trouble will have been created.

After the results of the survey on the supplements have been conclusive, the response team should be able to identify the type of recall that they should use. The organization should check whether the situation encountered requires them to use full recall, selective recall, repair offer, optional recall or an urgent replacement in the supplement production and distribution.The organization should also look into other possibilities like giving their customers an opportunity to exchange a product or give out an advisory.(Lauder, 2016)

For instance, if the supplements have caused customers to go through adverse conditions then the product will go through a full recall. A selective recall would occur if the supplements are fulfilling the intended purpose but also do have some mild side effects. However is the supplements are working towards satisfying the customer but the results take time to show, then they will experience a repair offer product recall. Optional recall of the supplements will happen when the supplements are making the health of the customer become better the organization chooses to prioritize something else. An urgent replacement can also be experienced if the supplement needs to be worked on.

As an organization, providing a solution to the failed supplement is a priority. Thus in cases where there might be the need to have the supplements go through an exchange program or be under an advisory for the customer, the organization should be in a position to support. In cases where the government was behind the supplement recall then as the manager I should make sure that the warrant was true.

In instance where the government’s warrant is true and the supplement recall is warranted then the emergency response team should be able to find out the mode of transmission of the message, the venue, the persons who need to know about the recall and the form of script that will be used to convey the message. The response team should also be ready to find out whether there will be any employees left to examine and adjust on the supplements after the announcement. As shared by (Stark, 2015), once the recall process is over, a reward the participants who were involved in the process and assisted the organization in finding its faults.


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