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Professional Portfolio






1.0 Official Professional Autobiography PAGEREF _Toc466064151 h 3

2.0 Cover Letter PAGEREF _Toc466064152 h 5

3.0 Resume PAGEREF _Toc466064153 h 6

4.0 Career Goals and Career Mentor PAGEREF _Toc466064154 h 7

5.0 Listing of Awards and Honors PAGEREF _Toc466064155 h 8

6.0 Work samples from the professional Careers or University Courses PAGEREF _Toc466064156 h 8

6.1 Job Analysis PAGEREF _Toc466064157 h 8

7.0 Letters of Reference PAGEREF _Toc466064158 h 10

1.0 Official Professional Autobiography

My name is (name) and I was born on the (birthdate) in (state). I come from (country home).I am (age) years old and till now my life has been a very fulfilling one according to my own assessment. However, I am yet to experience more since there is more to life than college. I come from a family of (number) including (number) brothers and (number) sisters. My father’s name is (name) He works as a (job). My mother’s name is (name) and she works as a (job). My brother is (age, what they do).My sister is (age, what they do). My family is based on strong (religion) belief coming all the way from our grandparents.

I started school in the year (19…). This begun in the nursery school and Kindergarten between the years ( ) and ( ). In the year ( ), I joined junior school. It was a pretty much exciting phase of my life as I got to learn new things and make several other friends. My school was typically middle class and therefore I got to interact with different people from several walks of life and different backgrounds as such. This is exactly where my love for human interaction was brewed. Initially I was a silent student who was mainly focused in my education, however, this soon got overwhelmingly tiring. Therefore, later on, I got to learn how to balance between books and people, and within no time, I was a people person. This therefore got me through several occasions and in a way really helped me in my education. It is actually a very good thing to love and to be loved, a wise man once said. I had several friends, the teachers loved my hard work and discipline and I enjoyed the glory of always being among the best in the school.

Following junior school, I joined senior school in the year….These years could be termed as the most interesting years of my life. New friends were made, at this point, a few enemies were gathered as well because I was able to stand for myself, defend what is right and refute the wrongs that were regarded as right. This therefore meant that at this point in my life, I got more assertive; I joined clubs and field games to participate in the activities in school. I played hockey, badminton and table tennis. It was so fulfilling. I also took part in music and theatre. This saw me get involved in music festivals by the schools and representing the school in several functions. The most beneficial skill that I acquired at this point in my life was good interaction with different individuals and learning to accept an array of different personalities. I would say this was built way back in my initial school years. It was at this point that it was well groomed as I got more involved in the clubs, games and in the different extra-curricular activities that took part in the school at large. Here is where I got to interact with my elders, learnt how to deal with interpersonal issues and I would say this is what drove me to like human resource at such an early age.

Following school I worked as a (job) as I waited to join college. This was to keep me busy and also to help me earn a few coins to enable me to do what I could without necessarily asking my parents for money. In this duration, my patience was tested and I learnt to be patient and accept different people in different ways since that was what the job was all about. A year later, I got accepted to this prestigious college. This was the most awaited moment in my life. Several applications had been made to several enticing and renowned universities and by good luck I got the one that I was really passionate about. I also got to study the unit that I loved most ever since I was a small child.

I am currently in my () year of school, hoping to finish in the next (years). As that draws closer, I hope to sharpen my skills and develop more finesse in my area of interest. I would then like to work as a () in the human resource this point in time, i am writing this to help in my preparation for my near future employment (insert other objectives of writing it)

2.0 Cover Letter

6th avenue


Midshire, 345 489

1st November 2016

Mr. A.B.C

Personnel Manager

A and B Corporation

183 Avondale Road

Midshire, 567 098

Dear Sir/Madam.

Although you may not have any vacancies at the moment, I am writing to ask if you might keep me in mind for a position as a general human resource manager, should a vacancy arise in the near future.

The enclosed C.V. will show that, In addition to processing necessary qualifications, I have gained a broad range of experience which I am sure could be used to the advantage of the company.

I would appreciate the opportunity of an interview if a vacancy arises.

Yours sincerely,


3.0 Resume


Email id:

Contact no:

Career objective

Use my skill as a Human Resource Generalist for the better growth of the firm by making a strong contribution towards expanding on related education skills as well as capabilities.

Career summary

Personal qualities

  1. Efficient in planning the organization needs
  2. Proficient in giving valuable decision and assisting other departments
  3. Expert in taking orders from senior and giving the valuable suggestions.

Responsibilities handled

  1. Ability to motivate people.
  2. Remarkable analytical, logical and efficient in communicating well in both writing and verbal.
  3. Achievement

    1. Fill the post of organizations by recruitment processes.
    2. Keep observing the employee’s performance.
    3. Understand and improve the areas that need timely feedback.
      • New Employees training.
    4. Effectively recruited 60 employees in Bright Corporation


      Academia (Insert Relevant here)

      1. Worked as Human Resource Generalist in Bright Corporation from 2015-2016.
      2. 4.0 Career Goals and Career Mentor

        In my field of interest, I have several career goals. First and foremost is to be able to create a warm working environment for all the staff in a given organization. The main function of the human resource department is to look at the welfare of all the employees of an organization and to ensure that the working place is a good working environment. This is achieved in all the dimensions of the human resource department in aspects such as employee staffing, recruitment, welfare, development among several others. It would therefore be my personal goal to create an environment in which employees are able to work without having to be stressed about their own welfare.

        Next, is to acquire leadership and correlation skills to enable me be able to run a department and to be able to integrate both the needs of the managers at all levels, the top, middle and the system managers and those of the employees to enable the organization to run at a state of equilibrium for better functionality. Thirdly is to be able to acquire good employee acquisition skills when needed to prevent instances of understaffing in the organization.

        Another career goal is to learn how to motivate employees to work better and to improve their total work output. Employee motivation is one of the most important aspects of the human resource department. It has the power to push a company forward or drag it down. It has previously been stated that with good motivation, a company can take great strides even when the employees are few in number. It would therefore give me great delight to lean on the best ways of achieving staff motivation in several different instances.

        Finally, my most important career goal is to ensure employees undergo continuous training within the company and even in other locations. This will ensure continuous updates of information and also ensure that the knowledge they have doesn’t become redundant and obsolete. Continuous education and learning has been noted to be at the forefront of every successful organization. I would therefore like to ensure that this happens so that the company may take large strides in terms of development. This can be achieved by prior planning of those to attend certain trainings and having in mind those who will take up their duties in their absence. It can include both short-term courses such as certificates and trainings and also Long term courses such as post graduate training among several other options.

        5.0 Listing of Awards and Honors

        6.0 Work samples from the professional Careers or University Courses

        1. Degree in IDT
        2. 6.1 Job Analysis

          Job analysis in an organization goes through the process of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics of the job applicant. Whenever an organization analyses a job, the HR department can match the needs of the job with talent of the current workers in the company. Job analysis can help an organization to distribute different type of works between the rosters based on the analysis. In an organization, it is necessary to find the gap between newly hired staff and the old workers. By sticking on the basic procedures of job analysis, a training to find out the gap between employees can be held thus if any gap is found, it can be removed.

          There are different types of techniques, which can be used for job analysis. However, an organization must not stick to only single technique. Multiple techniques must be adapted to find the accurate results so the job description and the requirement of newly created jobs can be according to the company’s needs. A basic method which is adapted for creating the job of logistics manager is interview method of job analysis. The purpose of selecting thereof mentioned method is that by interview method the interviewer can understand the thinking of the employee about his/her current job, the company and the difficulties which are faced during working hours.

          In the interview method, the interviewer asks the questions in such manner that the employee should come up with a new mode of working in the professional environment. Further, the employees are asked to describe the problems that they have to face on regular basis while performing their assigned duties. A most important thing, which an organization usually faces, is the insecurities about job in the minds of workers. The interview method of job analysis makes an employee feel comfortable enough so he/she can freely describe the insecurities regarding their job. While making an important decision about the policies of the company, an interview methods asks the HR department to interview different employees at a time to gather diverse opinions about the policies and structure of a company to get better results.

          The job analysis is done to gather information about a job and the required skills from the potential employees. After the process of job analysis is completed, the results, which are obtained, can be very impactful and useful. These results are mostly used for recruiting new employees to the company. These results are used to select the applicants who seem to be perfect for the job. Job analysis system also helps to check the performance of the employees on the regular basis. The method helps an organization to find out the standards of working procedure. By the evaluating the performance of the employees, a company can find the need of training and development.

          7.0 Letters of Reference

          2nd November 2016

          To whom it may concern,

          It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter or recommendation for (Name) who has undertaken a full time training in Human Resource Management at ( )university.

          I have supervised her on 2 instances and can confirm that she has a history of excellence and dedicated to her assigned duties. I can verify her strengths in managing work practices as well as hiring laws and practices. She has a friendly personality and the ability to foster positive relationships with those around her be it a collective task or individual basis. She is quite good at grasping new ideas and implementing as instructed for the success of the task assigned to her. (Name)’s major strengths lie in the ability to manage accurate payrolls and client relationship. Her skills in public relation are excellent and remains organized at all times.

          In my opinion, she is an excellent choice for any position to assist the human resource department of any company. I am confident that she will be a resourceful addition to your company especially where good ethics and professionalism are concerned. If you need more information regarding her profile, please feel free to contact me at (345) 343-565 / Mathew. Rodney@

          Senior lecturer,

          Faculty of Human Resource,

          Sincere regards,

          Mathew Rodney .


          536 GRADE LANE

          BROOKLYN, NY 64789

          (404) 698-2213

          November 3, 2016

          To whom it may concern,

          Eman worked for one year in my department at Bright Corporation as a Human Resource Generalist. During this time she had diverse responsibilities. She reviewed resumes to identify those qualified candidates, conducted preliminary applicant interviews and documented hiring and firing policy decisions to other supervisors in other departments.

          She is hard working, enthusiastic and articulate. She is a person with positive attitude regardless of the situations at hand and because of this she was well- liked by her coworkers. I recommend her for any job she is considering in the human resource field she would be a gem to any employer. If you have further questions about please do not hesitate to contact me at (404) 698-2213.


          (Insert Name)

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