Progressive Case Study Forming Your Team


Progressive Case Study: Forming Your Team

What will the organizational chart look like?

A well designed project organization chart is important to project success. An organization chart shows the place each and every person is positioned within the project structure. My organization chart will be drawn in pyramid form whereby individuals placed toward the highest level of the pyramid have more authority and accountability than contributors located towards the backside.

What are the guidelines and parameters for selection and developing the team?

Each individual brings traits that influence the capacity of the team to reach its project-related intention, additionally to traits that may both increase and detract from the staff’s interior states and techniques. Staff efficiency is dependent on the individualcapabilities of workforce and how the team will interact with each and every other.

Team selection should consider two critical questions:

Usually my team members will get chosen by matching person demographic traits (training, rank, experience) to generically realistic roles and identified project specifications.

  • Are the skills required for the team’s task represented in the selected members ?
  • Do the selected team members posses the skills necessary for effective collaboration and interaction among them?

What do you see as the potential challenges to developing yourteam.

Role Confusion

Despite the fact that a group works together to reap a goal, every team member desires to grasp his certain position within the team. In any other case, role confusion results. When team participants lack an understanding of their distinctive roles or decide upon to not comply with their roles, the team cannot boost as a cohesive and good-functioning unit. To avoid this, give an explanation for every role, in detail, to each and every team member to avoid confusion.

Lack of Diverse Skills and Interests

If a team consists of members with similar skills and interests, the purpose of the team may not be achieved. It is important to consider the scope of the project before selecting team members to determine which skills and interests best serve the team. I opt to select team members who have a range of different skill sets and interests.

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