Project Control Panel

Project Control Panel

A project control panel may be used to provide a summarized status of a project. Examine the various metrics, project attributes, and project control factors that a project control panel may display. Describe how various sections of a project control panel may serve as a communication tool for project stakeholders.

The Project Control Panel is a concept and a tool that enables project managers to quickly and clearly monitor project status. Crucial metrics data is displayed on easy to read gauges that provide a means of predicting future project health and facilitate timely corrective actions, if required. The panel gauges display key project management metrics data measured against customizable thresholds, including earned value, productivity, quality gate or milestone completion, requirements change, configuration change, staff turnover, staff overtime hours, defect tracking (requirements, design, code, and test), risk exposure and risk reserve (funding) status.

Describe how you may use the project control panel to communicate with different project stakeholders. Include an example to support your response.

Stakeholders are very important to the success of any project. Engaging stakeholders is an important project management activity. To engage them, it is crucial for the project managers to communicate effectively all throughout the project life cycle. Control panel is more than just responding to their concerns but also anticipating different project requirements and making sure that the engagement plan of stakeholder is maintained. The main benefit of this project management activity is that it helps improve the efficacy of the stakeholder engagement activities as the project life cycle continues to evolve due to the different changes of the environment and project requirements.

Control Stakeholder Engagement

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