PSY 265 Week 7-Checkpoint – Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior


Week 7 day 4

  In the infancy stage the sexual behavior can take early in the males fetuses.  It has been known that the male fetuses have erections.  As infants that might get pleasure from sucking fingers or whatever fits into their mouth.  When the infant gets the diaper the infant get little excited when they get the genitals touched.

            During the early childhood years the child will start wonder about other children bodies.  During the Three and 4 years old you will commonly see them express their affection through kissing.  At the time they will be begin genital touching their private’s parts as masturbation.  At times when they begin notice other child body’s part they might become interested in playing some sort of games like “playing doctor”.  With games you will see most of that going on in the later years of a child’s growing stage.

            During the preadolescent the children will typically form a relationship “best friend” that they can tell secrets and have confidences.  The Preadolescents can tend to socialize with larger group of friends.  A preadolescents tends to socialize the gradually enter into puberty.  In times the preadolescents may same-sex groups and then gradually heterosexuals tend to take place.

            In adolescence it is a bounded at the beginning of puberty and end by when the adult takes responsibilities.  It has been known that they reproduce some one that is taller than the adult.  In adolescents it has a sex drive that is heightened by surges of the sex hormones one of the main sexual behaviors that can identify is the masturbation.  In masturbation it can takes place with either a male or a female.

Week 6 day 5

Since Tina and Dan are wanting to start a family in a year there is advantage known as a pill that help prevent pregnancy from happening.  The pill is known as the birth control pill.  With the advantages of the pill is a method of contraception involves that only the women and is considered relatively effective as long as the single dose is not missed. 

            The disadvantages might be with taking the pill to prevent pregnancy is Tina might experience some health benefits.  If Tina would decide to take the pill some of the health problems might occur such as fibrocystic breast growths.  When taking the pill it does prevent pregnancy, but it does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases.  In the past the couples have practices abstinence so it should not be a great problem.

            In Linda cases I think that some of the advantages might wear protection of not getting pregnant or even getting sexually transmitted disease.  Having all the safety protection from the getting sexually transmitted disease is the best a person can do affecting you and others.  The can some other routine of being safe is getting check up regularly to make sure that there no sexual transmitted infection that you have been effected with.

            The disadvantages that can up come is that Linda worrying about sexually transmitted infection all the time.  The disadvantage could be that having to wearing protection because of her past.  Having her past can be hard on her it might be hard to find romance that will want to stay with her forever to start a family.  

Week 5 day 4

Some of the sexual techniques that was discussed in the reading where such as masturbation, communication, kissing, foreplay, touching, stimulation of the breasts, and oral genital stimulation.  With all these sexual techniques people can use these techniques at any time to get your partner arousal. 

            The role and the connections that are between kissing, touching, and foreplay are such with the partners getting arousal when they are alone.  Certain acts go along with the getting to that point.  In foreplay it consists of things such like kissing, oral-genital stimulation, or even cuddling.  With kissing it act as a type of foreplay before sexual intercourse or it just is showing affection with each other.  In touching it can range any where from simply holding hands or caressing erogenous parts of the body.  With touching it can usually used as foreplay before starting in a sexual intercourse.

            Some different viewpoint might be a person is raised different being very outspoken of feeling comfortable about their sexuality.  A person might feel very adventurous and they also feel secure and there body parts.  A person can even feel like they are showing off to many body parts that makes them feel weird in a situation.

Week 4 day 5

Possessive Love and Selfless Love



            In the couple of Bill and Jane they are a newly couple.  Since they have been dating Jane has seem more into the relationship than Bill.  So when he does not call her or make plans she gets upset like being possessive.  Jane is the type of person that gets sick over when things like this pops up.  She is the type of person that has to have a guy around at all times.

            In the couple of Mark and Sarah they have been dating little over a year.  In there relationship Mark is more into the relationship than Sarah.  Mark is the type of person that does anything that Sarah needs or even wishes.  As there relationships have gone farther Mark can tell that Sarah ignores him and it make Mark upset when she acts like this.

            In these two styles they are similar, because the way Mark and Jane feels in there relationship.  Mark and Jane feel like their relationship is very important to them.  At times Mark and Jane feel like there in more of the relationship than Bill and Sarah.

            In the two relationships they are different, because Mark and Sarah have been dating longer than Bill and Jane.  With the case Mark and Sarah they had more time to get to know each other and figure out all of each other. 

            The style of love that I have been prevalent in my life the most is the friendship love.  It seems like every relationship that I have been into we started out as friends then it work it self into the everyday relationship.  I figure that it is best to start as friends then work the rest gradually into what kind of relationship that you want.  The way I look at it you can get to know that person really well as starting being as a friend.

Week 3 day 4

An effect of type of sexual dysfunction that can affect both men and women is an uncircumcised penis.  In an uncircumcised make is something that is called smegma that is located under the foreskin.  The affects of uncircumcised can cause many defects that will prevent to having sex with a woman.

            Some factors that may cause this sexual dysfunction are such as not being circumcised at birth. With not having a male circumcised women might like the feeling of the penis slide in.  In this case women might be upset or start feeling depressed with there sex life.

            A treatment such as therapy should be considered if the problem persists.  It is very important for the partners to seek sex therapy in cases patient need to see some a therapist independently.  There are many different kinds of sex therapies out there such as the Master-and-Johnson Approach.  The Master-and-Johnson Approach is where there is a make and a female therapy tem that sees the couple as a unit and their treatment.

Week 1 day 4

I have known a lot of people that want to analyze their sexual decisions.  Most people everyday are likely to make a decisions based on the momentary wants.  In a lot of people who act impulsively unfortunately end of regretting their decision.  When said and done it is caused by the lack of critical thinking about there sexual decisions.  I can think about a time in my life when I choose not to have sex with guys that have not been dating less than a year.  I used the critical thinking to play all the valuable detail that I should do to find the right time in our relationship to have sex.  At the time I was thinking about all the possible affects that can happened to our life or even something that end our relationship due to the fact of having sex.  I was just thinking about most guys that only want one thing and the guy would just leave.  So after said and done the best critical thinking that I have done was too wait to make sure that guy wasn’t in for one thing and he was not.


Week 1 day 3

After looking through the text the one value system that I say I can relate to is the rationalism while also relating to some aspects of the utilitarianism.  With not even thinking twice about I like to do what is best for me and others that can be affecting by the situation.  The one that I can say that doesn’t fit me at all is the Hedonism.  I don’t let get that far I don’t take the pursuit of pleasure.  People that enjoy that I think need help or they just can’t help it.  The one that I see a good point is the Asceticism.  I believe that you know if you are right for that kind of situation for the rest of your life.  I think that Asceticism is a good think in somebody life.  People that are Asceticism are good people that set valuable examples everyday.  People out in the world should look to them no matter what they wear.

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