PSY 320 Motivation Concepts Table 2

Motivation Concepts Table

Complete the Motivation Concept Table. You are encouraged to modify the formatting to suit your needs. Please consult with the instructor for additional specifications. The completed table is a resource for the rest of the course.

Theory Major Theorists Time of Creation Key Concepts
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow 1943 There are five levels of human needs as each of the lower levels is satisfied the next unsatisfied needs become dominant
Theory X Douglas McGregor 1960 Workers are naturally lazy and need guidance
Theory Y Douglas McGregor 1960 Employees are willing workers who actively seek responsibility
ERG theory Alderfer 1972 People are motivate by existential,relatedness and growth needs
Theory of needs David MacClleland 1961 People have three needs;needs for achievement,need for power and need for affiliation
Self efficacy Bandura 1977 An individual’s belief and confidence that he or she is capable of performing a task

Motivation can be defined as the

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