PSY 320 Motivation Concepts Table

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Motivation Concepts Table

Complete the Motivation Concept Table. You are encouraged to modify the formatting to suit your needs. Please consult with the instructor for additional specifications. The completed table is a resource for the rest of the course.

Theory Major Theorists Time of Creation Key Concepts
Arousal Berlyne 1967 With this theory theorists believe there is an arousal stem in our brains. Arousal can go up and down depending on the motivational conditions of the brain or with the environment.
Drive Bolles 1975 The motivational concept that that arose to replace instinct was drive. Drive arose from a functional biology, one that understood that the function of behavior was to service bodily needs. Drive motivated whatever behavior was instrumental to servicing the body’s needs.
Achievement Motivation Elliot 1997 This theory states that achievement motivation comes from achievement and or emotional goals.
Attribution Weiner 1986 This theory is one that motivates us to achieve some type of goals.
Differential Emotions Izard 1991 This theory states that since we are born we have different kinds of expressions and emotions. Using this theory we generate a conclusion that the expressions we make as children can be influenced.
Cognitive Evaluation Deci and Ryan 1985 This comes from when actions change in growth higher to lower.

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