Public Relations and Promotions

Public Relations and Promotions






Public Relations and Promotions

Public relations has previously been defined as a management process whose main aim is often to attain and maintain accord and positive behavior among social groupings on which a business entity or organization depends on in order to market their goods and services or achieve its mission. In marketing, public relations particularly help the business individuals to sell their products effectively and attract more customers. Public relations is a very important concept for any marketing plan and therefore should be incorporated in all the business plans. The benefits of good public relations are as discussed below.

To begin with, it helps in the maintenance of mutual lines of communication between the businessperson or the organization and their customer. This is highly beneficial because through this, one is able to discover their weaknesses and improve on them. Next, it keeps the management informed and responsive towards the public opinion which then helps them to improve their services. The third advantage it offers is to keep abreast and effectively utilize any form of change as dictated by their customers. It also serves as an early warning system to help anticipate trends within the market. Finally, public relations helps uses its research, sound and ethical communication to see to it that the customers are given the best of services.

Trade promotion involves marketing activities between manufacturers and retailers. The main function of trade promotion is to increase the demands for the products available in the retail stores. This can be done in several ways including provision of value added, bonuses, gifts, special prizing for certain retailers among several other mechanisms. For this and several other reasons, trade promotion is a very key aspect for any marketing communications plan because it enables the manufactured produce to reach the end customers effectively and in good time with the acquisition of profits in the long run. Amis-step with public relations can easily increase costs and lower profitability for any small business. This is because it can easily interfere with the number of clientele one obtains and thus low sales. This ultimately leads to increased manufacturing costs and decreased profit acquisition.

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