Quantitative Reasoning II Project Calculations and Visuals

Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Calculations and Visuals





Quantitative Reasoning II Project: Calculations and Visuals

The scatter plot above shows the Medicare players from 2003 to 2014. It is a line graph with a line of best fit to show the tendencies that can be witnessed in the graph. It also indicates the graph’s equation and the R value. The value is the best since among the many options, this is the one closest to 1 and hence the equation y = 1E-43e0.0545x . The equation is an exponential equation. R2 shows how best the line fits the results. The close it is to one the better it is. The prediction for 2018 using excel forecast function is 73663.71, since these are people, this becomes 73,663.

  1. Scatter Plot

The bar graph above shows the number of healthcare workers from 20003 to 2013. 1 represents 2003 and counts onwards to 12 representing 2014. The size of the bar slice is proportional to the medical players. As seen, it is quite hard to tell them apart. Pie charts are great when data is widely spaced and also when there are not many variables, typically four or five, not 12 like for our case.

  1. Bar Chart

The line graph above shows Medicare players from 2003 to 2014, 1 representing 2003 and 12 representing 2014. Unlike pie chart, line graph can accurately show the progression of Medicare players against the years. It is evident that the media players have been increasing over the years with a slight drop from 2010, stabilized in 2011-2013 then increased in 2014. Data presented here is near and presentable, neat and easily understandable to almost everyone who will see it.

  1. Line Graph

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