Question 11 Lesson 1 part 2

Question 11   5 / 5 points

The monsoon weather pattern affecting the _______ Ocean enabled trade over a wide area from Africa to southeast Asia.

Question options:

  a) Indian
  b) Atlantic
  c) Pacific
  d) Antarctic
  5 / 5 points

In ancient Egypt, the rose was meant to symbolize the goddess

Question options:

  a) Venus.
  b) Isis.
  c) Mary.
  d) Aphrodite.
  5 / 5 points

The Turing test was designed to test a(n)

Question options:

  a) foreign power’s chances of winning a war.
  b) atomic bomb for energy output.
  c) computer’s capacity to calculate mathematical sums.
  d) machine’s ability to exhibit human-level intelligence.
  5 / 5 points

What happened immediately following the death of Alexander the Great?

Question options:

  a) His heirs formed a governing council to rule the conquered territories.
  b) A simplified version of the Greek language, koine, was developed to unite the Hellenic realm.
  c) Chaos reigned as Alexander’s heirs fought each other for power.
  d) The conquered territories were united under Muslim rule.
  5 / 5 points

Which statement is true regarding the European medieval period?

Question options:

  a) Traditional technology was favored, so no innovation occurred in the Middle Ages.
  b) New technological advances were imported over trade routes from China.
  c) Traditional technology was favored but innovations like vertical windmills and clockworks were developed.
  d) Technological advances were considered ungodly and unnatural.
  5 / 5 points

Dating from about 662 to 750 CE, _______ culture was called the first universal civilization because it allowed for trade over a broad area, thus encouraging an exchange of new ideas for innovations in technology and the sciences.

Question options:

  a) Western
  b) Arabic
  c) Greek
  d) Chinese
  5 / 5 points

All of the following were invented in China while the West was a cultural backwater, except

Question options:

  a) gunpowder.
  b) early steam engines.
  c) paper.
  d) the compass.
  5 / 5 points

Which civilization from the Fertile Crescent region is generally agreed to be the most ancient?

Question options:

  a) Babylonian
  b) Assyrian
  c) Palestinian
  d) Sumerian
  5 / 5 points

The Second Industrial Revolution took place from the _______ century to _______.

Question options:

  a) early nineteenth; World War I
  b) early nineteenth; World War II
  c) late nineteenth; World War II
  d) late nineteenth; World War I
  5 / 5 points

John Harrison, a Yorkshire carpenter, helped solve the longitude problem with the invention of the

Question options:

  a) marine compass.
  b) marine chronometer.
  c) astrolabe.
  d) global positioning system.
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