Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, Part 1

Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, Part 1  






Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, Part 1  


This agency is sole and stands independently from other influential factors. It was initiated and established in the 1930s by President Franklin Roosevelt during the great depression where the Americans suffered huge financial losses increasing unemployment hence radical changes had to be made to be able to sustain the economy. Its main purpose was to ensure provision for the retirees as well as the people with disabilities.

It was adopted in 1939 and made it possible for the descendants of the retired receive the social security income at death. This said agency has undergone several changes to be able to gain its status of independence. This was mainly because of the political interests as well as the economic factors.

The Mission of the Social Security Administration is to promote the economic security of American citizens by using leadership that is considerate and alert in social security drivers in America.

The objectives of the SSA are as follows: support of house hold functions. In this case we can see that the establishment of the SSA was for the purposes of issuing of funds for the children without the general resources thus the household infrastructure is boosted and improved for the wellbeing of those children as well as those with disabilities. This will also stabilize the living standards of the citizens affected. The children’s’ rights to proper growth will be given more attention. In the event that the child is well taken care of it makes it easier for the parents to work well.

The other function is to ensure individuals are independent by offering them whatever is due to the elderly. This cuts across to the elderly and the disabled. In the event that the rest of the family are independent they are not left neglected in this case they should be able to lead life correctly based on their ability. Lastly the other objective of SSA is to ensure stability of living standard of the citizens by offering relief for the needy and social insurance to reduce the level of poverty.

Agency Functions

This administration ensures that the two major programs run concurrently. The three programs are as follows: Social Security- Old Age and Survivors Insurance which ensures that there are sufficient funds available for the Americans above the age of 65 years. It further ensures that the Distribution of the retirement benefits to the old-age is done fairly and equitably.

The other function of the agency is to implement the second program known as the supplemental security income. This is put up to sustain the Americans who are aged, blind and are disabled and the children without resources. The programs are necessary for accountability, monitoring and budgetary allocation to the relevant departments.

Third function is founded on the third program that is the disability insurance. Other functions include redistribution of income, diversification of risks and lastly socio-economic stability and growth. All these are meant to serve the citizenry of America for the general good of everyone.

Agency News

Personnel management considers the human resource docket and the manner in which it affects the organizations in their normal day operations. The main purpose is always to ensure that the individual, societal and organizational goals are attained. In other words one may want to say that the feedback received from the organizations society and key actors within the organization are very essential for the establishment of mutual interdependency.

This management is mandated with key roles to play in consultation with other departments to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Personnel management is designed to perform four major functions: planning recruitment, selection, training and development aimed at accomplishing managerial and operative roles in management.

The emerging Agency news is numerous just to pick the two below and look at its implication to personnel management. The first one is Social security changes to watch out for in 2017.This was used in then campaign manifestos by the aspiring leaders and that it was aimed at ensuring the improvement of lives for the greater America. Among then changes are the increase in retirement age, other reforms may come into the social security system and earning threshold and taxes may rise, limiting benefits to better-off Americans. This has been debated for a while and would have a negative impact on the personnel management because there would be lack of motivation to the citizens and it leads to the less productivity hence decrease of the government fee.

Secondly is concerned with how the Social security would combat homelessness and help veterans access the available benefits. It has come to the attention of SSA that veterans, seniors and other vulnerable individuals are homeless. This is among the functions of the agency to ensure that the veterans, those disabled, retired and the bereaved among others have access to the available benefits from the security. In line with this there have been several initiatives that have been put in place to ensure there is a comprehensive cover for the livelihoods of those captured in the news such as Supplementary Security Income, Access and Recovery Initiative.

The social security has made it possible and easy for the groups mentioned to process their claims which are made available once there is compliance from the actors affected. The implication of this above on the personnel management would be on the output of the individual or citizens. This would then act as enticement because they understand the importance of tax payment as an investment as well. This they would then do willingly with the aim that upon of reaching that age or having a member of the family with disability or low income they would finally get to benefit. In personnel management issues such as motivation, equal employment opportunity, productivity and collective bargaining are so key in the understanding of it and the manner in which it operates.

Rationale for Selecting Agency

The rationale that I used in the agency selection was based on the fact that the society is a greater need and affects most of the returns that are attained over a period of time in a state and cuts across the board for every agency. It includes the involvement of citizens and provision of labor as well. The second rationale used was based on the current affairs that are in the public domain as breaking news. Many are the times when the public interests and demands are raised for purposes of finding a way forward and would therefore require the opinions of the experts as well as the laymen. Some of these issues affect employees and managers directly as well as personnel management in general.

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