Reflecting on General Education and Career

The job I would like to obtain is for a Human Resource Specialist position working for the government. Which is why I chose to obtain my Human Resource Management degree, some of my general education classes have given me knowledge I feel will be useful for this position. Classes such as Communication Skills I & II, Intro to Critical Thinking and Personal dimensions of Education has been very beneficial to me. From reading the job descriptions on the website the five skills I have obtained through general education are 1) skills in oral and written communication 2) critical thinking 3) research and develop skills 4) knowledge of computer applications 5) time management skills, which will be successful in this job.

I have learned to plan and be more organized in order to juggle school, work and home which allows me to make sure I’m successful at completing all my tasks. My critical thinking skills have increased as well, I have learned to be unbiased in doing research and other tasks. Looking for credible facts to help strengthen my argument is an example I have acquired as well. I have learned to be more mindful of my writing structure and grammar by using resources offered to me.

I will continue putting my education to use within my community by continuing to motivate and educate children through our “Protect the Eco” program activities by bring awareness about protecting the environment. Also, working at the VA with veterans I will use my education to better communicate and understand their issues or concerns.

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