Reflection – Your Short Story and Writing Process

Week 2, Discussion 2. Reflection: Your Short Story and Writing Process


In this discussion, post your thoughts on the short story you chose for your paper.

Address any areas of the story and/or the theme. Here you can begin a conversation about your story–and engage in conversations about other students’ choices.

Please briefly reflect on your writing process so far. For example, is anything changing about the way you write?

Discussion posts are due by Sunday at 11:30PM ET.  You are encouraged to respond to peers.

To be completely honest, as I was picking my short story I looked at the topics that I took an interest in and selected one without reading it all the way through. I’m surprised to say I actually took an interest in the story (The Last Night of the World) once I did read through it. Spending time with my family is very important to me and I think the story I chose shows that as well. It was difficult for me to find a fitting theme but once I got it, writing my thesis came naturally. Once again, I had to google literary elements because I’m not as familiar with them since I’ve been out of school for 2 years. It’s only week 2 so I haven’t seen a change in my writing styles and techniques just yet. When week 4 comes around, I think that is when ill notice the change. Maybe when I start writing my paper and getting those little details added in, I’ll be able to gauge where I’m at with my writing. 

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