The health service department is a vital department given the tasks embedded on its jurisdiction boundaries .given its major objectives involve ensuring the utmost well being of all of American citizens within its borders. Any level of impunity in this department is therefore a direct violation to the department and the nation at large. This has therefore resulted to the stiff adherence of the rules and regulations set by the departmental heads that are under the direct order of the head of state. For smooth running of sequential and concurrent activities it would be most appropriate to invoke the use of different incorporated concepts that are also feasibly applicable in the day to day execution of prospective emergency requirements .One concept is based on the importance of the first aid concept (Zelman, McCue & Glick, 2009) .This allows you to practice at any official events as a lifetime saver. In addition having the acquitted knowledge of first aid enables any individual to be able to develop a positive attitude towards the well fare of other citizens.

In partnership with the health services organization the red cross is also a help group that is able to reach the needy and less fortunate families and those who have no mean of getting access to any hospital for treatment it is important to know that this concepts are skills that once taught are able to be given to other people, even after one is done with what they have to do and venture into other responsibilities ‘this concepts are applicable Total quality management is also a concept that can be of beneficial futuristic importance since it allows an individual to holistically and aggressively vigilant to embrace integrity and practice ethical values (Tan, 2010). Through the day to day activities learnt within a health and human service department one can easily know how to remarkably handle disasters without necessarily having to wait for external .Furthermore one can easily begin their own Medicare facility with ease due to the understanding they have about how to manage and run a clinic


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