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SUBJECT: Reorganization Announcement for Company

Acknowledgment of effort

As your Division Manager, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all let you know that your hard work never goes unnoticed. Ever since I took over this appointment I have seen with my own eyes the amount of work that each of you put into this company. We have all grown as a family as we work along each other on a day to day basis. I take pride and honor in serving as your Manager and I want all of you to know that.

Unexpected Changes

Our company, just like any other major corporations, is currently undergoing some major modifications in order to stay in business. It is no secret to anyone that the economy has taken a big hit, which has had a huge negative impact on all of us; the prices for everything have gone up significantly, and the unemployment rate is still on the rise.Furthermore, talks of an upcoming recession have started to make their way to the news and our nation`s leaders cannot seem to get a grip on the situation which is clearly out of control.

An example of such negative impacts is what is happening to theeducational institutions with which we conduct business; they have recently facedone of the biggest budget cuts since the last twenty years which accordinglyis going to have an impact on us. Please be aware that changes are coming down the pipeline and that we will all need to unite efforts in order to make the best out of this situations. However, I want to you rest assure that as your Division Manager, I am taking all the necessary measures in order to make sure that our transition into a new era of operations is as smooth as possible for each and all of you.

Words to Action

It has been recently communicated to me by our main branch that our own budget will soon be cut down. Therefore, I have been forced to look for areas in which we may be able to trim costs. At first, personnel lay-offs seemed to be the only way to go in order to stay within number, however, you can rest easy to know that I have found a way for this to be avoided. As you may know by now, John Stowe, our Inbound Logistics Manager is retiring soon. Now, I have made the calculations and we may just be able to avoid any lay-offs if we are able to merge both our Inbound Logistics with our Outbound Logistics groups into a single entity.

This would mean that we will have to restructure our five departments into four instead. Now, I understand that this may not sound too thrilling for our Outbound Logistics Manager (Zoe Sasaki) due to the fact that the amount of workload will increase drastically, however, I will assign Wendell Pike to equation in order to easy the workload (he is the most experienced in Inbound Logistics staff) as well as two more bodies. Additionally, each remaining department will get two more individuals to help in operations.

I know that this reorganization may displease some of you, however, we must look at the bright side of things. There are more pros than cons to what is going to happen, with this restructure change we will

One big family

  1. Avoid firing of personnel (this provides peace of mind to all)
  2. Bring more employees to each division (this will make us more efficient)
  3. Get to keep our experienced workers (this will keep us sharp/competitive)
  4. Make stronger bonds with each other (this will foster a sense of pride and belonging)

At last, I want each of you to know that we will face this turbulent times together, and that none of you will ever walk alone. I have come to know each and all of you on a personal level, and I have come to respect and admire you all. Let us stick together and join forces, now more than ever, we need to support each other in order to succeed. Finally, I will like to encourage you to get in touch with me through my office number (304) 232 1234 or my e-mail [email protected]. Any idea/suggestion in order to make this transition smoother will be greatly appreciated.

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