Researching for the Future

Researching for the Future

Case Study Scenario:

You have been hired by XYZ University as a consultant. They want you to evaluate an organization to see if a service learning opportunity would benefit future students and the community. Your initial recommendation is week 5 and will be based on the research you collect in your first four assignments.


•Last week you described cultural challenges, humanitarian considerations, and roadblocks faced within the organization.

•Your task this week is to expand your research to the organization’s future vision, challenges, and improvements.

•XYZ University has required you to find at least three peer-reviewed articles in the EBSCO library to support your research this week. EBSCO tutorial.

◦You will turn in a 2-3 pages paper following APA guidelines. Click here for the web version of the APA sample paper. Click here for a downloadable version of the APA sample paper.


Complete the following steps.

Step 1: Introduction – Provide a quick introduction to the organization you have chosen. Describe the organization’s focus and what they are doing to promote positive change. Reflecting on what you have learned in this course, how could students service learners contribute toward the organization’s mission? Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section. Citation tutorial

Coops are usually owned by the people who buy the goods or use the services of the cooperative. Healthcare coops employ physicians and have their own health care facilities. Although there are multiple types of co-ops, consumer cooperatives are usually controlled by the members. The members set policy and make the decisions that are associated to running the coop. Men and women are elected and are in turn accountable to the membership. Each elected member has equal voting rights. Students in service learning can not only benefit from learning in their own field, but can become a member of the coop and learn how what consumers are wanting from providers. When providing health services to individuals, it is just important to understand the community as it is to understand the field.

Step 2: Future Vision – Describe the organization’s vision for the future as it relates to the social issue. Describe one or two specific actions the organization plans to take to achieve this vision. How could student service learners contribute to these goals? Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

The inert purpose of healthcare coops is to relieve the high cost burden of healthcare and make it affordable. Members will pay much less for standard care without the burden of having to choose whether or not they can afford a trip to the doctor’s office. The coops remove need for co-pays or co-insurance. There will be no deductibles that have to be meet and there will be no worries if having to lose your coverage when switching jobs. The healthcare coops make it affordable for you by offering low cost standard care or in some cases, sharing the cost of care across members. Coops will allow affordable access to those who currently cannot afford standard coverage. There would be no need to tax healthy citizens in order to provided government assisted care for others.

Step 3: Challenges – Describe some challenges (technological, economic, political, laws and regulations, community-based initiatives, educational, etc.) the organization might face in attempting to achieve the future vision. How might the organization overcome these challenges? How have similar organizations overcome or not overcome these challenges? Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

Much of our country has become under government regulation. Whereas it is good for some things to be under regulatory laws by the federal government, it is more important that the government not cause situations to be worsened by over regulation. The types of coops we are discussing does not use insurance providers and could cause a market decline in the use of healthcare insurance cost reducing profits for these providers. Healthcare coops are not a large entity at this time. Insurance provider lobbyist could influence government regulation that would make it difficult for them to stay in business. It is difficult to say how this could be overcome. There is not really been any attempt to create a new process that leaves insurance providers out of the equation.

Step 4: Improvements – Based on your research, describe improvements the organization could make to better serve the community and achieve the future goals. In what ways could a service learning opportunity at this organization help students and the community improve? Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

Improvements today are needed in the marketing area. There is very little known about healthcare coops. When the term is used, people think of the insurance coops that was started after the approval of the Affordable Health Care Act. The population needs to be educated on the benefits, cost and services of the coops. Service learning for students would all the students to work within their own communities and provide valuable care to the community while helping keep down the cost of healthcare. By having students work within the community a relationship of trust and understanding can easily develop.

Step 5: Conclusion – Provide a summary of the organization and the future vision they have toward impacting positive change for the issue you have chosen. Summarize how students service learners might contribute to the organization’s goals. Describe how students could personally improve by performing service learning at the organization. Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

The cost of healthcare has been a problem in this country for a long time. As a society we have stood by and watched the cost of healthcare go up year after year. Due to the importance of medical care, we did nothing to regulate the prices in both the provider and pharmaceutical fields. We created a business that allows us to pay them to pay our medical cost and in turn, the providers charged more, the insurance providers charged more so our premiums rose with them. Healthcare coops can lower the cost of healthcare for everyone. It can make access and care affordable to all without hurting or damaging the economy or the healthcare industry.

References – On a separate reference page, list all the references you have cited in your paper to support your claims.

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