Rorschach Test

Rorschach Test


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Rorschach Test

Rorschach Test is applied by psychology experts to find out personalities of different persons. This is usually in cases where patients are not willing to fully open up during sessions of treatment. The characteristics of a personare identified and also how their emotions are functioning. For example, patients who have disorders of thinking are helped using this kind of test. It is normally very effective for children around the age of five and above to adulthood. In a case scenario where a parent is worried over his son in high school. The son has been having funny upcoming behaviors that were not originally his. He has gone silent suddenly and cannot talk about the problem he is undergoing. The parent has the option of taking his son to a psychologist who will help deduce the problems going on with the boy.

At the hospital, the psychologists take him through the Rorschach Test. The doctor analyses him by talking to him as he finds out how he perceives the inkblots. The results gotten from the inkblots is recorded and an analysis is done in relations to the perceptions. The father and the boy are given results after the analysis of the data by the psychologist. The results could be very helpful to the boy in regard to his wellbeing. He is able to know the reason he is experiencing such issues and is able to get help by being put on medication. It could be helpful to him since he is able to get back his normal life because of the test he has gone through. However, this test has its negative sides. It could break down the feelings of the patient with the realization that he has some weaknesses in relation to his mental conditions and also emotions.

People sometimes want to live ignorant about the problems they could be having. It brings down their self-esteemand could also affect how he will relate with others knowing that he has some dysfunction. That is how the test could hurt the individual being tested. It can turn a sick patient to worse.The way a patient is addressed during an interview at the hospital could either help of fail. In this test, the psychologist needs to know that in order to achieve best results, the interview should be the determining factor. In order to have good results in regard to interpreting results, the psychologist should handle the patient in a delicate manner so that the interpretation become the needed ones. It is always helpful if the correct interpretations are done by the patient so that the actual problem affecting him or her be detected. Psychologists running these tests should not be arrogant. This could scare away the patients and could make it difficult for them to open up. Any wrong interpretation will harm the patient. He or she will not be able to get the right medication that could help save him or her from such a condition.

People of different ages may need different accommodations to help them during the sessions. For example, an interview room for an eight-year-old needs an environment that is children friendly for example it could be decorated with teddy bears. The interviewer should also have the experience of handling little children. For a sixteen-year-old,the interviewer needs to know how to handle and talk to youths. This will give the interview a success. An old person will also need special treatment so as to get complete feedback from him or her.


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