RSCH 8250 Dissertation chair and committee member paper

Dissertation chair and committee member paper

The subject I have chosen to undertake is in regards to the impact of urban migration of tuberculosis rates in Monrovia, western Africa as I indicated earlier. This is a very important one and I have chosen the well and able people to take care of the positions that were required. After an email to them about my request and inquiry if they would help, they both accepted. Dr. Williams accepted to be the chair of the desertion committee while Patrick accepted to be Dissertation committee.

To this far as per the research and investigations in place, TB has affected the people of that region in a great way. Either socially, economically or any other perspective one might consider. A committee chaired by Dr. Williams will guide the teams into looking into each and every aspect from the source to the outcomes and also offer solutions. Considering his experience, he is the best to handle this at this level of chairmanship. Patrick with his knowledge in this field will aid a lot in the realization of facts that underlay and thus assist in this this project and the enrichment and sharing of knowledge as a whole.

Here we will also look into other issues that have resulted from migration and how tuberculosis has negatively impacted their life. Since tuberculosis is a communicable disease. It is important to look into how it has spread outside Monrovia and how the parts of the world surrounding it and possible threats in future. I choose this because if we are not careful with how some things are handled in other places, they might come back haunting us in the long run. It might seem a distant away but if it gets out of hand and not been taken care of there, it might spread to other parts. Finally this research is very important in that it build knowledge in humanity at large and the solutions to this can be applied elsewhere.

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