Sandwich Blitz and Technology

Sandwich Blitz and Technology

Tracie Hensley

Kaplan University

MT140 Introduction to Management

Dr. Jim Young

Dalman and Lei have decided to adopt an e-customer ordering system, a new technologic advancement that will allow customers to input their own orders due to the volume of customers and customer orders. Dalman and Lei are now faced with announcing the change with an explanation to the store managers of when, how, and why this change is needed and when it will occur.

Dalman and Lei will need support from all the store managers. The store managers will communicate with the employees as a group/team. The managers are going to need to educate and communicate with the employees about the nature of the changes and the logics behind it. Of course, after the ordering system implementation takes place, confusion will be common. Management will need to be prepared to possibly offer incentives and rewards for cooperating and taking part in making it a smooth transition.

Communication to the employees should include how the transition will take place, why they decided to implement the new ordering process and the effects it will have on everyone. Management will also need to provide the means to each company for enacting the new behaviors that will come along with the new system. The managers will need to reinforce the vision and new behaviors of the employees. The communication program that supports the new e-customer order system such as weekly meetings, messages from Dalman and Lei with praise will aid in building support and motivating the employees to use and accept the new system with ease. It is important that Dalman and Lei to gain the support from the managers since they will have the key roles in leading this change at each of the stores level.

Without effective communication between upper and lower management, customer service, and the technology team from Hensley and Hensley, the new e-customer ordering system will not work and Sandwich Blitz could very well fail.

Customer service is first priority. These errors that are being made will have roughened their reputation, along with the possibility of having to shut down the Sandwich Blitz businesses. Their customers have come to expect certain customer quality products and overall customer service experience. This is in fact what the Sandwich Blitz based their business motto on, and without it, customers will no longer choose to visit the Sandwich Blitz.

Since Dalman and Lei are dealing with the pressure to get this new technology adopted and implemented as quickly as possible, because of the number of customers leaving unhappy, and the business they are losing, they need to express how important it is to exhibit professionalism and business etiquette in constructing an e-mail message that the managers and employees whole heartedly understand the upmost importance of.

Referring to Kotter’s Eight Steps to Leading Change, I would construct my email as follows:

October 19, 2012

Sandwich Blitz Inc. Corporate Office

12345 Dr. Jim Young Lane

Ripley, Tennessee 38063

Dear Management Team,

We at Sandwich Blitz, Inc. are faced with a number of issues that we have taken note of. We have been reviewing the negative feedback and are fully aware of the increasing amount of orders being placed and how it has adversely affected your work environment.

We now live in a world where technology abounds and we have not even begun to tap into the resources this incredible era has to offer us as business owners and you, our employees. We at Sandwich Blitz have decided that it is time for change and plunge into the world of technology and what it offers us at Sandwich Blitz in better utilization of our processes.

After a significant amount of careful consideration, we have decided to implement a new customer order input system. This new technology will not only relieve a great deal of stress that is currently present in our locations, but will also bring efficiency to our teams. We feel that the implementation of this new system will encourage us to work together in order to achieve a higher level of success, which means higher pay for you, our managers and employees. We believe that by seizing the opportunities that have been presented to us from a company by the name of Hensley and Hensley Technologies Inc., we will be able to produce a superior product and first-class quality service to our customers. The new e-customer ordering system will not only decrease the amount of mistakes made but relieve the stress and frustration that come with it. We intend to bring harmony and customer loyalty back to our restaurants by allowing customers to input their own orders.

There will be essential activities that will be scheduled with each of the staffs at our Sandwich Blitz stores. We do not expect this to take place overnight. We will be visiting to provide you a diversified plan of the new system, hands on training activities, dates and schedules of installment and to receive any feedback that you, our employees may have. We will meet and go over all strategies with each of you and answer any questions of concern that you have. Go over the goals for each of the stores and build the momentum of what is going to be achieved by each of you as well as Lei and myself. This will be a learning process for all of us. During our visits, we will provide you a well thought out plan and a step by step set of instructions on conquering the use of our new technology and solutions for problems that may arise.

As we have the exact dates and times that we will be arriving and Hensley and Hensley Technologies itinerary, we will keep you updated with the progress and any changes that may occur.

We are so excited about the decision we have made for the Sandwich Blitz, Inc. We hope that each of you give us your full support and cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the next few months as we start visiting and sharing our new system and plans with Sandwich Blitz, Inc.

In closing, I would like to let each and every one of you know that this technology system will not be replacing any of our staff. The purpose of this system is to speed up our ordering process so that we not only meet our customer satisfactory goals, we exceed them.

Best regards,

Dalman & Lei


Sandwich Blitz, Inc.

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