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Scenario A

We encountered a fight between the raid and the opponents whereby it was a tough task until the opponent set fire on us. This task needed to be handled with care and let all people know how loss of life can affect the whole country. The set of fire on the raids needed serious action to be done to control the mass to avoid damage and loss of life. This tough encounter forced our raid to act by shooting some of the opponent which led to other innocent people dying in the course in order to maintain peace among us. We did mistake of shooting these innocent people but it was not our wish to do so the situation forced. The raid fought the opponent by shooting them to stop them from setting more fire to avoid severe damage. Many people were affected by the fire where some of our raids were injured which forced us to shoot them to make other people survive. This was a severe encounter that needed and serious action to be done to stop it and prevent further damage and loss of life (Cohen, 2009).

Scenario B

It is my responsibility to react according to the roles and regulations of the job. I was clear to my partner that it he cannot use the marijuana which is an offence. I handled the case precisely so that each party can understand the reason as to why they are in the offense. In addition, there was fairness because it was illegal to have marijuana. On the other, my partner should not take an advantage of this opportunity from the culprit that he should take the marijuana in his home. He should be responsible for his family and buy medicine for the wife but not taking from the one caught in the offense. It is illegal to have sold or to be found with marijuana as we found this car owner with it so it is also illegal to give my partner the same thing it is like committing two offences. We as police officer should be honest and trustworthy to our country so that we can provide good services to our citizens (Cohen, 2009).

Scenario C

According to the law I should not help the student in any exam because it is cheating. The student should know the logic as to why I am unable to help her in the course. The best way to help them is to show them how to do the exam but not really the question. It feels bad as a parent to see your child failing the course but on the other hand cheating is also forbidden. In order to understand whether the child was able to answer the course I posed and she failed to answer. Then I showed her how to handle the course so that she can prepare for it. This child will one day become a parent and should be shown the right direction not to regret later in future. The child should sweat to gain the scholarship in the right way but not through cheating. Then I was precise on explaining how the course should be handled.


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